Places in Your Home to Decorate for Halloween


Halloween—when sugar highs are common and dressing up is expected. You might be wondering which areas of your home you can decorate for Halloween to make it worthy of being a haunted mansion. Here are five, prime real estate areas in your home that are great for a Halloween experience. Living room The living room can be a great place to decorate, whether you are watching a scary movie on Halloween night or you just want to get your family…

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apartment space

5 Ways to Make Your Apartment Homier

College apartments are fun. It’s your first place outside of your parents’ home. It’s a place where you and your friends can hang out at any time, a place for studying, movie nights, and anything else you feel like.…

home in cooler weather

5 Tips For Prepping Your Home For Colder Weather

Even though many of us are enjoying the last days of summer and welcoming fall, it’s never too late to prepare your home colder weather. Not only should you break out your winter boots, take your wool sweaters out…


Fall Sports: How You Can Keep Your Kids Safe

Fall sports are such an awesome way for kids and teens to learn the importance of working together as a team. Dedication, hard work and reliability are all incredible character traits they can learn from team sports. Unfortunately, there…

stamp collection

Caring For Common Collectible Items

So, you want to start a collection. Many people have started collections full of items significant to them. For example, some people collect teapots or Christmas ornaments. Your collection can be anything, really, as long as it’s something that…

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