10 Of The Most Amazing Wine Labels

Amazing Wine LabelsWine labels have become so much more than a way to tell people the year and type of wine in the bottle. It can express the brand’s character and relate to the person about to indulge in it. Wine bottle labels are also a way to attract attention from consumers looking through crowded shelves.
The labeling and bottling has been turned into an artform to demand the consumer’s attention. These creative pieces are worth taking a second and third look at. While there are hundreds of unique labels and bottles out there, here were ten of the best I’ve seen.
Elderton Wines – Grand Tourer Shiraz: Australia
Elderton Wines, located in Australia, bottled a wine in honor of auto and wine enthusiast, Neil Ashmead. The bottled was dubbed “Grand Tourer Shiraz” and features a racing style label. The highlight, however, is on the top of the bottle. They have turned this into a six-speed stick shift screw-on cap, thus fulfilling the racing design requirements.
In terms of packaging this may be one of the most unique. The Mini Garage Wines and Brandies by Anthony Hammond are based out of Germany and sold in fuel cannisters. This is fitting as the production of wine is in a former tractor shop.
This red wine produced by Eight Arms Cellar has some pretty cool labeling. The label itself encompases the entire cylindrical bottle and the image wraps around. When I say “wrap” it is in a literal sense. The image of the giant squid has his tentacles wrapped around the entire bottle.
Another creatively laid out bottle, this Shiraz from R Wines is actually labeled exactly like a boarding pass. Your boarding pass’s details are replaced by the information about the wine.
This champagne may be the best way to get a party started. Nocture, the French champagne from Tattinger can double as a disco ball. The bottle shimmers from its grid of purple metallic cubes. According to the makers, this champagne is also a good way to end the night.
Ornellaia from Italy shared with the world a magnificent bottle of wine designed by Michelangelo Pistoletto called “the Celebration”. This bottle is the epitome of sleekness and class. With minimal typeface, the bottle is dark coloring with a mirror-like label that swirls and entwines itself around the bottle.
The winery, Elk and Wolf, wanted to serve their wine as cold as possible. To reach this feat, only an aluminum bottle would do. However, aluminum bottles usually aren’t the classiest form of packaging, especially for wine. Alas, the designers did a fabulous job of using minimalist design and perfect typography to achieve a classy aluminum wine bottle.
A wine with attitude. The labeling and website says it all; no holds barred. The label itself features an intense image of a woman who does not seem to conform to social norms of wine drinking. Not to mention the skull at the top of the bottle.

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