3 Handy Tips When Choosing The Best Workout Clothes

After a grueling workout session, your muscles will often feel sore and tired but will leave you feeling energized. Not to mention, you’ll most likely be covered in sweat too.


Whether you believe it or not, the clothes you select for a workout can make all the difference in how you feel during and after your workout. Some clothes can hinder your movement and slow you down, whilst others can give you maximum comfort allowing you to execute any movement with ease.


Below are 3 useful tips to consider when choosing the right gym clothes:


High Quality Fabrics



Look for clothes that will let you move freely without restricting you. This is usually found from clothes which are made up of rough material that will often cause chafing and irritate your skin in the long term.


Consider items with elastane on the label as this allows for greater range of motion with a comfortable fit without restricting blood flow.



Sweat Management



If you tend to sweat a lot during your workout, make sure your gym clothes will keep you dry as much as possible.


Lookout for clothes which include polyester or any other synthetic material as this has been shown to improve absorption and help you stay drier for longer regardless if you’re exercising through the heat in summer, or powering through the cold in winter.


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Tapered Fit



Whilst it might be tempting to hide your figure behind baggy clothes, research has shown that wearing clothes that makes you look and feel confident will have a positive impact on your workout.


Wearing clothes that compliments your physique will have a knock-on effect on how often you’ll want to exercise (because of the positive psychological effect of how you look). Consider adding a seamless t-shirt to your wardrobe to workout in style.

Check out the below infographic for shopping with Gymshark, the world’s leading fitness apparel brand allowing you to maximize your workout in style:


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