How Home Improvement Can Enhance Property Value


Becoming a homeowner is an exciting endeavor. You probably already have a few ideas on how to improve your home, but did you know that fixing it up will increase your home’s value? When the time comes for you to sell your home, you’ll want to make a profit.c Sometimes this can be a piece of cake, but depending on the location and style, it may prove difficult to enhance the property value. By extending your home, either by adding an extra space or increasing the size of a pre-existing room, you can expand the proportions and worth.


Always check your property lines before diving into building extensions onto your home. You don’t want to be stuck with a half-built garage when you figure out that part of the design falls into your neighbor’s property. Choosing a good professional for such a task and utilizing proper resources from home builders will ensure that the job is done correctly.    


There are multiple ways to go about this, from knocking down walls to erecting new ones, extending your property value can be as easy as yelling “timber!” Let’s look at three possible additions that could boost your home value.


Add a Conservatory


A conservatory, or a building with glass walls and ceiling that connects to your house, is a sophisticated and ornate way to up your property value. If you aren’t using your garden area, this is a great option for this space. A conservatory can be used as a greenhouse or a sunroom. While adding more light to your abode, it will also draw people’s eyes and could attract future buyers as well.


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It’s versatile design also allows it to serve as a social gathering area when guests come to call. And if you have a green thumb, think about all of the possibilities of having a properly temperature controlled room for your plants.


Attic or Loft


You could extend or convert your loft area to capitalize on the space you already have. Since getting permission to start on a construction idea can take time, this is an option for you to build on your currently established foundation. Be aware of extending it too far, because you don’t want irate neighbors.  


To find out if your attic is suitable for conversion, talk to a professional who can help. These additions can be used for all types of extra rooms. A spare bedroom, a game room, a library, an office space or even a music or art room for for the artistically inclined.


Transform the Garage


Maybe you already have decent parking space or you don’t even have a vehicle that requires a garage. Making better use of this area for yourself can be helpful now, and could cause a future buyer to seriously consider your home.


By converting and transforming your garage space into a modern room, you will be able to create more value without having to sacrifice parking. If you have a front garden instead of a driveway, consider changing that in favor of converting your garage into a usable space. Sure, while a front garden is visually appealing, it won’t add a significant amount of monetary value to your property, and at the end of the day, money talks!


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Depending on the location of your garage, you may need to enlist the help of an electrician and plumber to make sure that everything has been installed properly and works correctly. You’ll want your new room to have central heating and air along with working electricity, so don’t skimp out on quality in favor of saving a few bucks.


With these few tips, adding value to your home can be even more worthwhile. Find out what fits your home best and start there. It never hurts to do a lot of research and find a good contractor who can help you with your venture.

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