4 Organizational Tips For Your Bathroom

bathroom organization

The bathroom is one room in the house that seems impossible to organize. Sure, it may look tidy at first glance but pull back the shower curtain or open a drawer and you‘ll likely find random items exploding out at you. If you’re trying to take control of your bathroom, here are a few organizational tips that might come in handy.

Throw Away

First, you need to start by pulling out and throwing away. Is there a lotion that you purchased because you loved it, but now you never wear it? Maybe it gives your husband headaches or you were having an off day when you made the purchase. Get rid of it. Don’t let yourself feel bad for getting rid of something that has been taking up space in your bathroom.

Mostly used bottles of soap that are sitting under your sink can and should go in the trash. Maybe you could squeeze out one or two more uses. Who cares! Just do yourself a favor and get rid of it. Also, if you or your spouse happened to bring home soaps or lotions from a hotel, put that in the garbage. You’re honestly never going to use it and it is just stealing precious space.   

Give Everything a Home

Now that you’ve worked your way down to the necessities it is time to find a home for everything. Here are a few suggestions for keeping things organized under the sink and in drawers.

  • Drawer Dividers – Bathroom drawers seem to be the first thing to become cluttered. To keep your draw organized, consider using dividers. That way you can have a spot for everything needed for a beautiful smile. Another place for small hair accessories. A different spot for your spouse’s toiletries. This way you won’t have to dig in the drawer every time you need to find something.
  • Plastic Caddy – If your space under the sink seems to be constantly overcrowded try placing each family members things in their own little caddy. This should make things easier to find.  
  • Plastic Drawers – Not enough drawers to go around? Get plastic drawers and put them under the sink or in the bathroom closet. Then each family member can still have their own drawer if that’s what is needed to keep the peace.
  • Door Hangers – Hangers can go great on cabinet doors. This will help free up space under the sink.

Decorative Trays and Containers

If you like to keep things on your counter but are tired of stuff being everywhere you might want to consider decorative dishes and containers to hold things. A quick trip to the second-hand store will have you finding all sorts of cute bottles, containers, and trays that could be used. Just remember to be choosy with what you get. You don’t want to just bring home more junk to take up space in the bathroom.

Laundry Basket

Does your family have a problem with leaving their dirty clothes on the floor in the bathroom? One solution could be putting a laundry basket in that room. This will hopefully make it easier for them to get their clothes were they need to be and make it easier for your bathroom to stay tidy.

Hopefully, with these simple organizational suggestions, you will no longer shudder as you walk by the bathroom thinking of all the mess lurking in each drawer. It might take a few reminders, but if the family knows where everything goes it should make it easier to keep the bathroom clean and organized.

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