4 Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Home

When you first bought your home or apartment you had big dreams for all the things you wanted to do to it and all the projects you had in mind. You might have even considered getting remodeling estimates.

But when it actually came time to start doing or planning these projects, you probably realized there is a lot more to remodeling than what is shown on HGTV.

Remodeling a home, or even just one room takes careful planning and budgeting and can take months and even years sometimes.

Here are four things to think about before remodeling your home, and making sure you have the time, energy and resources to make your vision come to life without having to do it again in just a couple years.

How long are you actually staying

A big part of planning a remodel for your home should be how long you are actually going to stay in that home because it could and should affect a lot of factors of the remodel.

For example, if you know you probably will want to sell your home in a couple years, you may want to gear your remodel towards things that will help sell your home. But if you know this is going to be your forever home you may want to think of your remodel in terms of how much space you will need in the future and even accommodating for when you are older and less mobile.

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How much help you need

There is so much that goes into a remodel that it is without question that you will need professional help.

From hiring a contractor to a designer there may be quite a few people you will want to consult when mapping out your remodel.

You may also want to consider hiring a project manager who can manage the day-to-day of the remodel especially if you have to worry about things like your family and work. They can be the ones who work with a construction company like JAB Construction and anything else that needs to be done.

Know that things will go wrong

When it comes to a remodel things won’t always go the way you want and even though it can be hard it’s also good to know its ok and a normal part of the process.

Something you had your heart set on may not work, or fit, or cost too much or the remodel might take longer than you expected.

Whatever it may be you have expected the unexpected and know that you won’t be able to control everything that goes on.

Make a plan

Before, during, and after making sure you write down a plan for everything. The more detail you have the better because then you can keep track of all the moving pieces even when they are moving around like crazy.

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Write down your budget, then how much you can go over the budget, your estimated time frame, what you want and don’t want. Etc.

That way when and if you have to come back to the drawing board you know exactly what to do from there.

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