4 Ways to Maintain Your Home You Haven’t Thought About in a Long Time

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When it comes to home maintenance there’s a lot of money being spent when it shouldn’t really have been needed. Like with a lot of things, prevention is always better than a cure. Personally, I’ve noticed that there are a few problems which pop up more often than most others. These are where your focus should be. Homes are an expensive purchase, and with almost 2/3rds of Americans now homeowners, it’s an issue that’s relevant to most of us.


Clearing Out the Gutters


Your gutters can accumulate all sorts of junk throughout the year. Leaves, trash, feathers and animal hair – these are just a few of the most common items found in house gutters. There’s a lot more that can find its way into your gutters as well, and none of it is going to do them any good.

A blocked gutter won’t allow water to flow through properly and can lead to blockages. When this happens, the gutter itself, your roof, your walls and much more can all get damaged. Remember your house is designed to function properly with the gutters being operational. It’s amazing to me how many times I’ve seen gutters that are clearly blocked and overflowing, yet the homeowner just doesn’t seem to care. This could be a costly mistake for many of you!


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Maintaining Your Deck & Outdoor Features


We tend to limit house maintenance to indoor areas. The problem here is that your house value isn’t purely tied to what’s inside the house, but also what’s outside. Not only that, the outside features can add a lot of visual appeals – sometimes it’s these features that really sell a house or make it look great in the first place.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of any outdoor features are easy enough to do. You simply keep the area clean and use regular examinations to ensure all is well. If there is any damage or weakness detected, get on to it immediately. Allowing a problem to spread can be a real eyesore and can increase the cost and time needed for repairs.


Keeping Your Roof in Good Condition


Keeping the roof in good condition is an obvious one. Many roofing firms, such as Dennis & Sons, would recommend that you perform regular checks on your roof. Checks should be done from the outside and inside, keeping a close eye out for any cracks, peeling or missing shingles. The signs of roof damage can usually be spotted early this way, but without inspections, the damage can spread quite far before it becomes noticeable – which means an expensive repair job.


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Driveway & Garage Maintenance


Ugly garages and driveways can ruin the look of a nice home. They aren’t too hard to maintain either, you’re often around the driveway/garage so it’s quite simple to do a quick check every month or so. Small areas of damage can be repaired and replaced quite easily this way, as you get a handle on the damage before it gets too bad. Keeping repairs small and regular keeps your total cost down, and ensures your drive & garage are always looking their best.

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