5 Garden Types to Fit Your Lifestyle

beautiful garden styles

Do you dream of spending your afternoons tending to your beautiful garden? A garden feels overwhelming if you haven’t decided what you want or how much time you have to care for it.

Ready to get started but need a few options laid out? Look no further. Here we’ll talk about 5 basic garden types and which is best for you

Flower Garden

Flower gardens are extremely versatile because no matter where you live. There are beautiful native blossoms that will thrive and fill your yard or home with their amazing aroma. You can plant an exclusive rose garden or pull together several of your favorites so their scents will complement one another.

You may also want to consider how the seasons progress in your area and choose a variety of flowers that will take it in turns to blossom, ensuring that your garden is always full and giving you a little change from time to time. Weed control will be especially important in your flower beds to keep the garden as pristine as possible.

Woodland Garden

A woodland garden is the ultimate display for a nature enthusiast. It focuses solely on native plants to the area. This means you’ll probably have a less intense maintenance routine to keep it looking stunning.

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Even better, the design of a woodland garden pretty much takes care of itself; take a look at how the wildflowers, shrubs, trees, and mosses grow in their natural habitat and imitate this in your own space. You should end up with some lovely shady areas perfect for an afternoon nap.

Herb/Vegetable Garden

If you’re determined to cultivate something that will do more than just smell good, an edible garden may be perfect for you. Find out which herbs, fruits, and vegetables grow best in your location, then consider which are your favorites and which you’ll want to include in your meals or add into your cooking.

These types of gardens are more practical, and the literal fruits of your labor can be preserved through canning, pickling, or drying so you can enjoy them through the barren winter as well.

Rock Garden

Rock gardens make use of sandstone and limestone to transform a slope into a beautiful rocky hillside. Boulders and large rocks are strategically  placed to highlight plants and allow for the appropriate sun exposure.

This one should also be a bit lower maintenance once it’s all in place. Since these are especially fitting for dry, high heat areas, they’re also a great place to spend the evenings when it’s cooling down.

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Water Garden

For those who love the sound of a trickling stream, a water or aquatic garden is the perfect fit. This one takes a bit more time and planning beforehand, especially if you decide to go more elaborate. It can be complemented by traditional garden plants and grassy vistas. Or, maybe you prefer modern walkways and benches where you can admire the water lilies.

Once it’s installed, this will be a low maintenance garden to go with your lifestyle. Care could consist of removing debris, overgrowth, or yellowing plants; managing algae growth; or maintaining a filtration system.

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