5 Rainy Day Activities to Enjoy with Your Family

family game night

As fall reaches its peak and the rains are coming more frequently, take advantage and use it as family time.

The stormier, the better! Then if the power goes out, you actually have to talk to each instead of being on your phones.

But seriously, there are some really fun things that you can do with your family in your home on a day when the weather is less than appealing.

Family Game Night 

Make it a time to pull out the board games. Whip up a batch of popcorn or go to the nearest convenience store to pick up a bunch of drinks and snacks and have at it! Laugh and play until it’s time for bed. Take turns letting everyone pick their favorite game, and maybe even hold a tournament to see who is the overall winner of the family’s favorite game. Offer some incentive as a prize to get your family more enthused about playing.

Great games that all ages can enjoy include:

  • Yahtzee
  • Uno
  • Go Fish
  • Slap Jack
  • Ticket to Ride (there’s a junior version too)
  • Qwirkle
  • Jenga

Fort Building Contest

A rainy day is a time to pull out all of the blankets and pillows you own and make the biggest blanket fort ever! Have everyone break off into pairs into separate rooms to make a large fort for a family contest, or have everyone work together as one cohesive team in the main room. Your kids will have a blast, and you’ll find that you enjoy letting that inner child out a lot more than you thought you did.

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Family Cooking Night

Food always puts everyone in a good mood. So pull out the baking supplies and get cookin! Let each person pick a treat that they want to make and help them make it (if they need help). Enjoy time talking as you bake or and watching a movie together as you eat up all of your yummy treats.

If you don’t want a bunch of different sugary treats, turn this idea into a multi-course meal, with each person in charge of one course using only the ingredients that you have in your home. Have appetizers, a salad, an entree, and a dessert (or two). Even if some of the food items are less than edible, you’ll have good memories and plenty of laughs at seeing what each person comes up with.

Fashion Show 

So, this one might sound more appealing to the girls. Let each person get really dressed up or create a costume out of anything that they can find around the home and in their closets. Take lots of pictures and maybe even give a prize to the person who was the most creative in their new look.


Rainy days are a great time to compile pictures into a fun book of memories. Pull out all of the artwork that your child did at their daycare or preschool, old school pictures, family photos, and any other memorabilia you can find and let each person make a page or two for the family scrapbook.

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There are plenty of things to do when a rainy day hits and ruins your plans. You just need to get up, stay positive, and get creative. You might find that you enjoy this time a lot more in the end anyway.

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