5 Tools Swimmers Need To Spice Up Their Routine

Spending hours or even minutes in the pool is a great exercise to sweat off your calories, it’s an amazing alternative and cross-training as well for athletes and runners as well. For runners, hitting the pool is a good break from the pavement and to cool down and relax the overworked muscles.

Swimming without any tools alone is already a great workout for it only utilizes your own body weight. Also, it’s a total body workout that is low impact great for people of all sizes and shapes as well as any age. Spicing up your pool training with certain equipment makes it twice as difficult and more effective.

Aside from packing your swimwear, nose clip and swimming cap, there’s a few tools you might want to pack as well.

Whether you’re a recreational swimmer, athlete of some sorts or novice, incorporating these tools to your swimming routine will certainly make your workout difficult yet more exciting and fun!

Pull Buoys
Pull buoys are flotation devices held between your upper thighs letting your legs float and keeping them up as you pull your way through the water. This tools is used for learning and improving proper posture and arm movement when performing strokes and to support the legs as one practices the strokes. pull-buoy-one-piecePhoto source: Enjoy-Swimming

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This tool is used to improving your upper body strength all the while maintaining a well-aligned body position. Not just that but the tool also helps in combating balance problems. Pull buoys can also be used together with hand paddles.

The swimmer’s snorkel is a simple tool designed to focus on improving one’s stroke without the intrusion of having to turn your head or body in order to breathe to the sides. Snorkels are friendly for beginners and veterans alike.

Snorkel is a breathing device used to allow you to breathe through a mouthpiece while your face is below the surface. With proper breathing under water set aside, you’re able to concentrate fully on stepping up your strokes.

Kick board
No, this isn’t a board used for you to kick. Instead, it’s used to improve your posture when performing strokes and help you exert good leg movements and kicks.

kick-boardsPhoto Source: Enjoy-Swimming

This tool is especially effective when a swimmer is practicing swimming breaststrokes. The kick board trains you to give proper kicks coming from the hips and not from the knees. Learning great kicking technique and being a good kicker will ultimately make you a better and faster swimmer. You can use the board by kicking on your back, on your tummy or positioned at your arm’s length.

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Swim fins
Swimming fins is a favorite to many. It is used as a tool to learning a new swimming stroke or for the betterment of your strokes. Plus, it’s a great device to improve your ankle flexibility and strength.

Fins are extremely helpful in performing drills and practicing techniques since it helps to keep you from sinking. Also, it directs your body to position horizontally in the water. Fins come in different shapes and sizes beginners and experienced alike can use: basically, longer and stiffer fins are recommended for beginners while shorter and softer fins are for the more experienced swimmers.

Hand Paddles
This tool is A+ for gaining strength. Swim paddles come in various shapes and sizes which targets to improving different parts of the body or ability.

swim-paddlesPhoto Source: Enjoy-Swimming

Hand paddles are the swimming tool equivalent of dumbbells. Much like other tools, swim paddles are made to strengthen your arms which then improves your speed. Paddles are devices to help you balance out your strength for each elbow and arms as well as your strokes to achieve equal force.

What’s your favorite swimming tool to use? Share it with us!

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