5 Ways To Add a Wow Factor to Your Home Office

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Do you work from home? Or maybe you have an office at home for paying bills and online shopping? Either way, you want to make sure your home office is a place where you are comfortable getting the work done that you need to – and it should look good too if it’s in your home!

Rooftop Real Estate Management, a property management company, has helped us put together this list of ways to spice up your home office.

You need more seating

Whether you are going for looks or comfort (maybe both?) you should start with the chair you are sitting in. If you have your home office in your bedroom or in a corner of your living room, you might want the chair to match the interior design of that room. Pick something elegant with a unique design that ties into the rest of the room’s tone.

Picking a chair that is comfortable is important too. If you work in this space, you want it to be comfortable, making your work more desirable and easier to get done.

Consider Artwork

Bring a little culture into your office space with some artwork. This could be a painting, a photo, sculpture, anything that you desire to help improve the tone of your workspace. Artwork can be a good way to brighten up a dull workspace and make it a more desirable place to be.

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If you have a small desk, consider handing your artwork on the wall, or adding in a small table, stool or shelf to place artwork that can’t hang on the wall. This will keep your workspace clear and open for you to use.


Organization is important, too

Even just adding in a little more organization is a great way to dress up your workspace. Whether that’s a filing cabinet, shelving, or something small and simple to hold your pens and gadgets on your desk, add in a little organization.

This will keep your workspace looking clean, and cleanliness is a huge motivator. Naturally, we want to be in places that are clean. We feel less stress and the environment is just welcoming.

Add some Plants

Add a houseplant to your workspace. Plants clean the air of toxins, and they remind us of the serenity of nature and bring that feeling into our home. Succulents and green leafy plants are both great options for your office.

If you have a larger desk, add a small plant to the corner of it. Or get a small table or shelf to put your plant on. You can even get a plant that is larger and stands on its own in a tall vase that matches your interior design nicely.

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Ample Lighting is key

Lighting is everything. You want to make sure your workspace has a good source of light, natural light if possible. With the use of lamps and the space around you, you can create the perfect lighting for your home office.

If possible, have your office near a window so you can open the curtains for a good source of natural light. A home builder, Clint Cook in Jackson, WY, suggests arranging your workspace near an east-facing window if you work more in the mornings. And if you work more in the afternoons and evenings, find a west-facing window to put your desk near to maximize your natural light.

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