6 Hardscape Ideas for Your Yard

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You take amazing care of your yard–you really do!–but every time you come out that door, it just looks a bit boring. Like it’s missing something. Like it could be so much more than it is now.

While a large expanse of grass is every kid’s dream, your yard should have something special in it for you, too. Adding new exciting plants can always give your yard a boost, but it all depends on how your hardscaping lays out.

Check out these six hardscape features to put in your yard, and you might just find something that will make your backyard the go-to place for hanging out.

Backyard Fence

Your fence is the perfect place to start if you want to get something going quickly. Rather than simply protecting your home from stray dogs and the prying eyes of the neighbors, your fence can bring some personality to your yard. This will be an easy way to add security with style.

A quick double coat of paint in your favorite color will get your creative juices going, and you may find that you want to change up the post material and shape as well.


Nothing invites a person into the garden like a pathway leading there. Much like Dorothy’s yellow brick road, a walkway of brick, stone, or gravel will have people exploring for new and exciting surprises.

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Even better, the path is what you make it. So give it some subtle loops, a break off to lead around to the front of the house, or a fun set of steps. Kids and guests alike will love to stroll the yard and enjoy it from every angle.

Water Feature

No surprise is as delightful as a fountain or waterfall. People usually expect these to be quite large, but don’t let that scare you away from the possibility.

Water features can be incorporated to other hardscape features or subtly installed as a small pond or birdbath in a noninvasive corner of the yard.

Patio Space

Do you tend to linger in certain parts of your yard? A patio space might be more your speed. These can be a perfect place to spend the evening around a firepit and can really be designed any way that will fit your needs.

For a yard with little shelter, a covered gazebo or pergolas can offer the respite you’re looking for with durable outdoor furniture so you can rest. If you have a small yard, benches and furniture can be incorporated on their own or at the end of a walkway.

Vegetative Interest

If you’ve taken to the idea of these fun focal points, you can add eye-catching views along the way. This could be certain flowers or trees, or a whole flowerbed of curiosities that need their own plotting.

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Consult a landscape designer like those at ifyardbutler.com to help layout the perfect design.

Once you’re finished, the vines twining up a wall or an arbor will really make your hardscape part of nature.

Yard Deck

A deck is the perfect hub for a family during the warmer months. There are so many options for building a deck that fits your lifestyle. Choose your wood and stain it or go with a vinyl option. You can also play around with the railing and steps leading down into the yard.

With a beautiful deck to relax on, you’ll have the perfect vantage point to admire the rest of the yard.


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