6 Woodworking Projects for Beginners

woodwork project

Have your children been begging you to let them build something? Or maybe it’s just your spouse waiting for your approval to use the leftover wood for a new project.

If you’re new to wood carving or the tools used in woodworking, it can be scary putting them in the hands of your family. But the skills they’ll learn will be an asset to their creativity, ingenuity, and thriftiness in the future.

Get them started with some easy projects like these six that they can learn alongside an experienced friend or neighbor, and you’ll be grateful you did. Get your repurposed wood ready!

Shoe Storage Project

Something every home could use is decent storage for shoes both in the entryway and in the closets. And while it may sound simple, you can still have fun with different designs.

A couple 2x4s can be cut and nailed together into a low wide shelf or something waist high with space on top for keys and bags. You can also have some fun with drilling a couple holes in your side pieces and fitting rounded wooden rods through them for shoes to rest on.

Bookshelf Project

You can never have enough shelving at home. It’s perfect for kids’ toys, knick-knacks, literature and music books, and you can build it to the perfect size so it will fit snugly in your space.

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There are plenty of design choices to make as well with wood type, paint colors, open shelving or cupboard doors set in. Your bookshelves can start in the simplest form then, as your skills increase, it will be a project you can keep coming back and adding to.

Bookends Project

If you want to start with something smaller, bookends are a great way to get creative. You can take time carving blocks of wood into favorite shapes or grab to square pieces, cut out spaces where they fit around the edge of your shelf and sand them down quickly.

This way, they’ll keep your books in check with personality.

Doormat Project

There are also plenty of projects you can keep outside, like interesting doormats from repurposed wood pallets you can find at www.ChallengerPallet.com. These could be slatted, drilled through and connected with rope, or weathered then stained to stay outside all year long.

And if you love a good craft, take your doormat and give it a message or artistic touch.

Birdhouse Project

Your kids would love to see their own birdhouse hanging in the trees of your backyard. This is a project that can be as simple or complicated as you’d like. Giving you experience with different shapes and angles of wood while still keeping it small and manageable.

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The bonus, is that you’ll be inviting more beautiful wildlife into your yard.

Games Project

It’s easy to take several blocks of wood and create games that you can play in the yard.

Kids will love placing Tic Tac Toe blocks in a crosshatched tray. Or you may want some oversized games for the adults like dice for yard Yahtzee. Another idea would be Kubb, a Viking game where you knock over variously-sized wooden blocks.

Whatever project you decide on, there’s plenty of space to make it your own.

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