7 Apartment Amenities To Splurge On

apartment amenities with couch and lounge area

Are you looking for your first apartment? There are so many choices these days that the apartment search can be overwhelming. You can’t help but admire all the available amenities (as ridiculous as some of them may seem) and imagine the posh life where you get to enjoy all of them. There are several apartment amenities to splurge on that will make your life easier.

But sooner or later, reality will come crashing back down and you’ll have to deter those dreams for a later apartment. Well, not all of them. Here are 8 apartment amenities to splurge on.


If you have a car, your roommates have cars, or you plan to have plenty of visitors with cars, don’t talk yourself out of a place with parking. Most places will provide a covered parking space or even a garage for tenants, and chances are they’ll have at least a few visitor parking spaces as well.

Cable & Wifi

Cable and wifi have become so standard that it’s almost not a splurge item. These aren’t terribly huge expenses, but if they can be included in your rent, there will be an extra few dollars in your pocket for a night on the town. Plus, you don’t have to worry about making an appointment for the installation or any setup fees.

In-house Laundry

The less you have to travel to do laundry, the better! Opt for a place with communal laundry facilities. You won’t have to go too far, and it will get you out of the apartment for a few minutes without throwing off your plans.

If you prefer to stay inside all the time, get a place that comes with a washer and dryer in the apartment. Most places these days have hook-ups so you can bring your own or rent units from an affiliated company.

Extra Storage

You may not realize it now, but you’ve acquired quite a few things over the years and they take up much more space than you remember. Having extra storage space will be a lifesaver when you find out your roommates have just as much extra stuff

A pantry will do wonders for the kitchen, too. Both will help you keep the apartment looking tidy rather than crowded with boxes hidden under a blanket in the corner.

Counter Space

This one is sometimes overlooked when touring potential digs because everything else is so flashy. If you and your roommates enjoy cooking or having friends over, you’ll want the extra counter space so everyone can work in harmony.

Furnished Space

Don’t have anything but the suitcase full of clothes in your car? Then a furnished apartment is a steal! Some apartments like BYU–I housing will come furnished as part of the rent, and others will charge you a small fee to get them furnished. Either way, it’s much cheaper than going out and buying your own bed and couches right away.

Updated Kitchen & Bathroom

Some of the scariest apartments include horror stories with the grubby tile or outdated plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom. For those who don’t want to worry whether they’ll have running water in the middle of the winter or a backed up toilet, an updated kitchen and bathroom is a godsend.

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