The Best Advice For Creating A Nursery That All Parents-To-Be Should Know


So you’ve got a baby on the way, I bet you’re over the moon and seriously excited. As well as being excited to meet your new addition and bring them home, you’re most probably also feeling a little nervous and stressed out. After all, there’s a lot to prepare for a new baby, one of the main things being their nursery. If you’re yet to start your nursery planning, don’t stress. As long as you get your nursery fixed up before your little bundle of joy arrives, you’ve got nothing to worry about. (After he or she is born, they’ll be far too much going on to focus on DIY!)


If you’re in a panic about getting your nursery all sorted before your new addition arrives, take a step back and calm down. Believe it or not, creating a beautiful nursery isn’t hard, as long as you follow the right advice, that is. Have a read of my tips and tricks below for creating a beautiful nursery, and you can design the most amazing space.


Start with a deep clean


The room that you’ve picked to be the baby’s nursery need to be deep cleaned before you start decorating it. Even if it doesn’t look dirty, it’s best to clean it to ensure that it’s as safe for your new addition as possible. Don’t make the mistake of using harsh chemicals, as if they linger, they can harm your little one. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner – that’s all it takes.


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The color scheme


So you want to create a beautiful nursery, a lot of that lies in the color scheme and design that you go for. If you know the sex of the baby, you can choose to opt for traditional blue or pink, or you can go for any other color that you like. If you don’t know the baby’s gender, you could opt for a neutral nursery. These can look fantastic – incredibly smart and stylish. However, they’re not your only option. How about going for a nursery color scheme that incorporates various colors, from pink to yellow? These could be pastel hues or bold and brights; it doesn’t matter – a mix of colors can look fantastic.


Read up on the best furniture


Before choosing pieces to put in your child’s nursery, it’s a good idea to read up on the best and most suitable furniture designs. Not all nursery furniture is born equal, and it’s important to realise that. The thing is, you could pick pieces made for small babies, or you could opt for furniture designs that will grow with your child. Instead of getting a changing table, use a chest of drawers. That way, you get more storage, and the piece of furniture will be able to be used by your little one for many years to come. Or, for example, instead of buying a Moses basket, look at the cot and cot beds from Cuckooland, as these are great as they grow with your child. Don’t forget to add a chair for you to sit on while nursing your little one or settling them in their cot. Ideally, this should be as comfortable as possible.


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Remember, it should be a space that you love


Last but not least, make your baby’s nursery a space that you love. You’ll no doubt be spending a lot of time in there in the first few weeks of your baby’s life, so it’s important that it’s a room that you love. Think carefully about what you need from the space, such as a chair, as mentioned above. Perhaps you’d also like a little coffee table for putting your cup of tea on? Maybe you’d like a bookshelf for storing books to read while settling your little one? Your baby’s nursery isn’t just about them, but also about you, and it’s important to realise that.


There you have it, the best advice for creating a beautiful nursery for your new addition.

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