Bring A Little Hygge To Your Home This Winter

In Denmark, the winters are long and cold, with up to 17 hours of darkness each day. Temperatures hover around freezing. As a result, there is a greater emphasis on being at home and entertaining. This is where the concept of Hygge comes from.


What Is Hygge


Firstly, Hygge is pronounced ‘hoogah’. There is no literal English translation. The nearest we have is ‘coziness’. Hygge is a way of living, and it is usually centered around the home. To explain this Danish concept, it’s easier to provide some examples. All of the following are examples of Hygge:

  • Sitting round a log fire on a cold, winter’s night
  • Creating a cheery atmosphere by lighting candles
  • Inviting family and friends around for hot chocolate for mulled wine
  • Creating a cozy, festive vibe at Christmas




Hygge isn’t just about decor and aesthetics. It goes much deeper than that. It’s about warmth, comfort, gathering together and atmosphere. Simple touches like lighting the fire or curling up with a wool blanket make even the coldest days more pleasurable. Even purifying the air to remove dust and allergens could be seen as practicing Hygge. You can purchase Air Filter Media Rolls from Filter-Guru and other suppliers to creates a healthier, more pleasant environment.


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Making Do


Don’t worry about rushing out and buying new furnishings and crockery to embrace this concept. It’s not about that. It’s more about sharing and making do with what you have. So, serving homemade Lebkuchen on mismatched plates is much more Hygge than a four-course meal on the best china. Presentation is important, though. But it’s never pretentious. Don’t serve food in packets; as if you would. Use all your dishes, plates, and serving platters. Set the table and take out the tablecloth. Use napkins if you’re sitting around the table. Use a teapot and loose leaf tea, rather than teabags. It’s the little touches that make all the difference.




On those dark afternoons and evenings, light some candles to create a cheery glow. Danes light candles everywhere. If you visit, you’ll notice them in cafes, restaurants and even outside shops. Candles are relaxing and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Throws And Cushions


When you spend more time indoors, it’s important to make it as comfortable as possible. Add more cushions to your armchairs and sofas. Have warm throws available to beat the chill. And pull on a pair of warm woolen socks.




The most important part of this concept is people. Enjoy spending time with your partner, even if you’re just sitting and watching the tree lights. Invite family and friends over as often as possible. You don’t have to plan anything fancy. Just chat over a warm beverage or play cards or games. The point is to be together and enjoy each other’s company. It’s about appreciating the simple things in life.

If you dread the long winter months, especially after Christmas, add a little cheer and bring some Hygge into your home. Spend time with the people who mean the most to you. You may find that next year you begin to look forward to winter, rather than dreading it.

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