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  • picture of fruits

    A Diet Unique to Your Health

    Our culture focuses so much attention on food, health, and appearance, which makes it pretty common for us to consider new ways, better ways, or more effective ways to turn ourselves…

  • runner in woods

    How Every Runner Can Avoid Injuries

    For most runners, running is more than just a form of exercise, it’s a way to de-stress, get their heart pumping, and push their bodies to their limits. Most runners have had…

  • orange slice in cup

    The Many Dangers of Detox Diets

    Fad diets have been in practice since the first known diet book in 1864. That means we’ve had roughly 150 years of adopting specific methods of eating, and telling our friends…

  • bicycle spinning at home

    Benefits of Spinning at Home

    Spinning is a great high-intensity workout. Experts say that you can burn between 500 and 700 calories in an hour-long spin class. Even though it’s a tough workout it’s appropriate for…

  • oil used for weight loss

    The Top 7 Best Oils to Lose Weight

    Do you want to lose some pounds but you do not know where to start? Does that make you feel stressed out? The thought of living unhealthy could make you lose…