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  • person resting head with addiction

    Using Psychology To Combat Addiction

    Addiction is an urgent public health concern that does not just affect lower income people or the criminal underworld. To get an idea of the scale of the addiction problem, consider…

  • woman with smile showing teeth

    5 Reasons to Invest in Your Smile

    Show off those pearly whites, grin and bear it, a smile is worth a thousand words; the list goes on and on with sayings about smiles and that’s because they are…

  • girl holding throat with throat stones

    How to Get Rid Of Mouth Stones

    The tonsils are comprised of crevices, tunnels and pits that are all called tonsil crypts. Various types of debris like dead skin cells, saliva, food bits and mucus build up in…

  • living with a chronic illness

    Living with a Chronic Illness

    We deal with a lot of sickness and injury in a lifetime, but for those who suffer from a chronic condition, it can seem like everything you do is controlled by…