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  • man holding knee with chronic pain

    5 Ways To Help Your Chronic Pain

    Whether it’s your back, neck, hips, or legs chronic pain can make the day to day hard to bear. It can feel like all you’re thinking about is your pain and…

  • boots in snowy grass

    How to protect your feet this winter

    When it’s cold outside you want to ensure that everything is well-protected from the elements. That should be especially true for your feet. It’s tempting to just never leave your house at…

  • smartphone with google

    Google: Not Your Doctor Or Counselor

    Feeling sick? Feeling down? The first thing that many of us do is resort to our smartphones. If it’s something besides the common cold or allergies, our bodies and minds can…

  • person with mental health issue

    Does Your Home Affect Your Mental Health?

    When buying a new home, we’re trained to ask certain questions. We keep a watchful eye for telltale signs of disrepair. And we check walls carefully for cracks or signs of…