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  • apartment with amenities

    5 Standard Apartment Amenities

    When looking at apartments we all look to see what is offered to those who live there. Apartment amenities are a huge factor in the decision on where to live. Amenities…

  • white room with blue couch

    6 Ways to Liven Up Your Boring Room

    Like most people, you get so energized in the Spring that you want to spend every waking moment outdoors. But somewhere in the middle, bad weather comes in and relegates you…

  • yard sale findings

    One Man’s Trash Can Be Your Treasure

    Spring is finally here. For those of you who live in the American Southwest, spring is the season between Winter and Summer. It is beautiful and a much-needed beacon of hope…

  • bathroom organization

    4 Organizational Tips For Your Bathroom

    The bathroom is one room in the house that seems impossible to organize. Sure, it may look tidy at first glance but pull back the shower curtain or open a drawer…