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  • gift giving during christmas

    7 Gifts for People with Chronic Pain

    Chronic pain, unfortunately, is present in the lives of many of those we love. Oftentimes we forget how much more difficult even the daily tasks in life are for them. This…

  • credit card debt

    How You Can Stop the Debt Cycle Today

    Debt can be a necessary evil that accompanies most of us throughout our lives, but it can be all too easy to get in over our heads with it as the…

  • moving cross country

    Breaking Camp and Going Cross Country

    At 6:30 am, I laid in bed wondering what are we doing? Is this the right choice? What if things don’t go as we planned? Can we recuperate from such a…

  • parents aging on the beach

    Planning Ahead to Age in Place

    Around 75% of older adults want to age in place, remaining in their local communities as long as possible. However, many of them don’t see how that will be possible. A Harvard…