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  • back yard bench

    6 Hardscape Ideas for Your Yard

    You take amazing care of your yard–you really do!–but every time you come out that door, it just looks a bit boring. Like it’s missing something. Like it could be so…

  • lawn with a variety of plants

    Valuable Tools For A New Yard

    You’ve just moved into your first house and can’t wait to get started making it your own. You’ve had plenty of experience painting, organizing, and maintaining the inside of your home,…

  • watering herb garden

    5 Herbs that Help Repel Mosquitoes

    Summer is here and there’s no better time to enjoy the outdoors. This time of the year eludes to backyard barbecue, pool parties, and catching fireflies. As many families find their…

  • beautiful garden styles

    5 Garden Types to Fit Your Lifestyle

    Do you dream of spending your afternoons tending to your beautiful garden? A garden feels overwhelming if you haven’t decided what you want or how much time you have to care…