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  • sewing for beginners

    6 Sewing Projects for Beginners

    Are you ready to start learning to sew but aren’t quite sure where to start? If you didn’t grow up sewing, it may feel like you’re too far behind to start…

  • increasing home value with backyard

    6 Modifications to Boost Your Home Value

    With the great majority of individuals, a home is the largest investment they’ll make in their lifetime. It is important to not only maintain the quality of your home, but to…

  • Hawaii

    Tips to Create Your Own Hawaiian Bucket List

    Blue waters, breathtaking sunsets, and rolling mountains cascading around white sands makes for a getaway unlike any other experience. These are just a few reasons why many people decide to seek…

  • volunteer

    Great Ways to Volunteer Your Services

    With a new year comes new opportunities. By this time, many of us have probably written down our New Year resolutions that consist of eating healthier, working out more, and finishing…

  • smart home

    The Dawn Of The Smart Home Is Here!

    When you’re out of the house, particularly when you’ve just left to go on holiday somewhere, it’s not uncommon to have all kinds of niggling worries. Did you turn all the…