Road to Success: Clean Eating and Weight lifting

We live in the world when there is simply not enough time to finish up everything you set out to do. It is even more difficult trying to squeeze in ‘less relevant’ things such as gym, healthy food, and home cooked meals.

Eating and Weight liftingLooking good and being fit often walk hand in hand, but are not necessarily connected. However, when combined, nice diet and some serious training will give the best possible results, so if you’re trying to get somewhere with your plans to lose some weight and put on some muscle mass, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The right food
When you are looking for a way to lose weight, the easiest thing to do is to eat fewer calories than your body spends during the day. This is a bit difficult to pull off without professional help since most people end up trapped in the circle of simply not eating, and then eating too much when the hunger really strikes. Eating low calorie food (also called the ‘zero calorie food’) will help you stay full, but still not fill your stomach with sugar, carbs, and bad fat. Eat a lot of vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, etc. This way you will make sure your body is getting enough vitamins and nutrient without unnecessary calories.

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Food rich in protein is incredibly important for your everyday life, and even more so when you’re training at the same time.Body will be the healthiest and give the best results when you take in the right amounts of carbohydrates, fat, and protein at the same time. Strength training and weightlifting means that you body will need high-quality protein sources taken in at the right times, thorough the day and especially after workouts.This is important since your muscles have been stressed during workout, and muscle tissue that gets enough protein will quickly and easily be restored to previous condition.

Get started with some light workout
If you haven’t worked out in a while, it would not be wise to get started with some serious weightlifting at once. Instead, you could try getting in shape first with some easy exercises which will give you enough strength to move onto something more serious. Walking, cycling, tennis, and swimming are great since you can implement them into your day easily, for example you could cycle to your friend’s house, or take a bike to work instead of using your car. All these exercises are great because you can ask your friends to join you and you could spend some quality time together while working on your new bodies and health at the same time.

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Exercises to burn fat quickly
Personal training experts state that there are a few useful exercises which are known to give the best results like cycling, rope jumping, and kettlebell exercises. Kettlebells are different kind of weights – cast iron balls with a single handle, so your body will not be dealing with evenly distributed weight like in ordinary weights. This means extra work on stabilizing and counterbalancing the weight of the ball, giving you a killer core workout which also improves balance and posture at the same time. Jumping rope, on the other hand, gives amazing results when it comes to calorie burning – an hour of jumping rope burns over 800 calories and does wonders for arms, legs, and core.

Remember, you can still be slim if you don’t train, and you can get some muscle mass without clean eating, but both choices are going to take almost twice as much time (if not even more) as you would need if you combine them together. Clean up your diet, and make sure you and your trainer understand each other perfectly; this is the quickest and shortest way to success.

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