DIY Fall Home Decorations You Need This Season

easy fall decoration ideas for your house

Fall is nearly upon us and it’s time to start reflecting that in our homes. But you shouldn’t have to give up an arm and a leg just to decorate your home for a season. Go on Pinterest and save some of your favorite fall decorations, then find inexpensive ways to make them yourself and use them to liven up your home.

If you’re not quite sure where to get started, we’ll help you out. We’ve listed some trendy decoration types that will be easy to make yourself and create a lovely fall atmosphere in your home.

Blankets & Pillows 

If you want functional decorations that add an extra cozy factor to your home for fall decor, then you definitely need some couch pillows and an oversized throw. You can purchase these for a decent price at local retailers, or try your hand at making your own.

Check out these fall pillow covers that you can add to your own throw pillows.

You can also pick up large pieces of fleece fabric from stores like Joann Fabric, Michael’s or even Walmart, and tie together your own fall blanket for the couch. 

Wooden Decorations 

Wooden decorations probably won’t go out of style anytime soon. Pick up blank wooden letters to paint and spell out your favorite fall phrases. Or pick up some wooden craft kits like these from

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Or find a cute slab of a tree stump and use that to house a centerpiece on your dining room table with some of the other ideas in this list. 


Use the pinecones falling from your tree outside to make some cute fall decorations. Put them in a wreath or decorative vase with starry lights. Cover them in glitter and put them in a jar with a white candle or line them along a fireplace mantle.

Do something completely creative and original to add this natural fall element to your home.


Wreaths are pretty popular as the seasons start to change in the fall and winter. And the possibilities for fall wreaths are endless. You can use pinecones, fall-colored flowers, leaves, ribbon, berries, beads, wheat, corks, ornaments, or any combination of these.

Make your way to your local craft store, pick up a foam or twig wreath and any decorative elements you want to add to it. You can probably even find some on your own just lying outside your house.


Fall perennials are a great way to bring the seasonal look to your home. Plant some in your flower garden in front of your home. Place them in a decorative vase on a table or shelf in your home. Use them in a wreath or in a pumpkin vase. Or turn your summer roses into potpourri.

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It’s not secret the pumpkins scream fall. But you don’t have to go find a large orange pumpkin to carve to bring that seasonal flare to your home. Pumpkins can add a sense of class when utilized properly too. Use a variety of different colored and sized pumpkins to line your front porch. Find small white pumpkins to use as a centerpiece on your dining room table.

Mason Jars 

Add some burlap and fall colored ribbon to a mason jar. Then you can place whatever you want into it – pinecones, candles, mini pumpkins, flowers, beans, marbles. These make a great decoration to add to your table, shelf, or fireplace mantel.

What are some of your favorite fall home decorations?

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