DIY Furniture Ideas

You have been doing various wood works for some time now and you feel as if you are ready for a more serious task, the one of producing some furniture items for your house. You are handy with various tools, yet uncertain whether your ideas would work or you lack them in general and despite strong certainness that it will work somehow you hesitate to take action. Do not despair, we prepared a number of ideas on DIY furniture that are suitable to majority of spaces and situations. Do study them carefully and we are positive that you will find at least one that will meet your requirements and needs.

DIY Furniture IdeasOdd Size Shelves
Not everything has to be squared when it comes to furniture. A triangular cupboard is something that will make a difference in your home and you could create different textures by combining several ones on the same wall. The size of shelves is also optional and by using different ones you could create a sort of a 3D effect. Feel free to combine various colors, too. However, pay attention to the balance, if you are not completely sure about possible proportions, start with isosceles triangles first. If you like the final product, you can play with different sides as you become craftier.

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Various Tables
This is another area where you could accomplish a lot. Start with coffee tables, if you need any. They are the smallest and require less work and do not require drawers, but demand equal proportionality like dinning ones do, so they would be a great practice before you move onto bigger and more demanding ones. If you are into carving, as well, do not hesitate to ornament your tables and make them as unique as possible, making them stick out of the offer available in stores. Furthermore, make sure you lacquer them. Not only will you preserve them for years to come, but you will be able to create a better atmosphere with various color patterns. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the traditional wood color palette; after all, you are the one that makes decisions.

Speaker Stands
It is a known Hi Fi fact that in order to improve the sound of your bookshelf speakers you need to put them on proper stands. There are certain things that need to be fulfilled in order to build the perfect stands: The height should be such that when you are sitting in your favorite spot, the speaker horn is leveled with your ears; the base should be no more than half a cm wider than the speaker is and you should put spikes on the bottom of the stand to improve bass definition.

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Use Plastic
You are not limited to using wood; interesting solutions and applications can be made using recycled plastic. For example, you could use plastic crates to store your newspapers or your LP or CD collection, or even make some avant-garde light fixtures. Also, you could make great looking divans, resembling the 16th century French furniture, by putting leather seats on top of several milk crates joined together.

As you can see, when it comes to DIY furniture, there are practically no limits. All you have to do is trust your instincts and craftsmanship and give it a try. Start small and build your way up as you gain confident and new ideas.

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