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Education is constantly changing and evolving. Nowadays, an enormous emphasis is placed on early childhood education, which focuses on starting to teach children at early age as a way of boosting their social skills and improving their learning comprehension. Consequently, they accomplish better results in elementary schools. Many college students are, having this in regard, pursuing early childhood education degrees which should prepare them for a variety of career options. Read on, to get the insight of your possible future if you opt for a career of educator.

Early childhood education certificateGetting the certificate
Early childhood education courses are different depending on the degree you are pursuing. Many future educators now choose to earn their degrees online while maintaining current jobs. On the course you are usually learning basic professional skills which will help you in your future career pursuit. For some jobs it is sufficient to have a certificate in early childhood education, while for others you’ll need a master’s degree or a PHD.

Employment prospects
Children really are our future. So if you specialize in early childhood education, you’ll find a healthy job market, and you can also expect a reasonably high wages based on your degree and the wealth of your experience. As for the working hours, majority of the preschool teachers work part-time, in the morning or in the afternoon, so you’ll probably have enough time to find a second job or to take some other course if you feel like it.

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Your options
Most positions involve working with children directly, so that is what you signed up for. Depending on your degree you’ll be able to pursue various positions. Some of the career options for an early childhood education majors at different levels:

  • Childcare worker:  When working on this position, your task is to help children learn basic concepts mostly through play. Childcare centers are usually open all year long and because of that, you have the opportunity for full time employment.
  • Preschool teacher: Your job is to get the children from the age two and on, ready for kindergarten. You are responsible for teaching kids the basics such as colors, letters and numbers. At this position you have many possibilities for advancement.
  • Teacher: As a teacher in kindergarten or elementary school, your obligation is to teach children skills in math, science, language, etc. You have to be able to implement different instructional methods and work with all students regardless of their specificity.
  • Education administrator: When in this position, your duty is to oversee daily operations in childcare center, preschool or school. For this job, you need a master’s degree or a PHD. You are obligated to supervise staff, budget and educational standards.
  • Postsecondary teacher: In this field, if you plan to work in college or university, you may teachstudents pursuing bachelor degree in early childhood education. To work as a postsecondary teacher, you’ll need to have at least master’s degree.
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Living the life of an educator
A good teacher never stops working, and that goes also for an early child educator. You should have your mind on the job even when you are not working. It is important to constantly think of new ways of learning, new activities that provoke engaging and creative hands-on lessons. Don’t be lazy regarding the innovations. Remember that you are molding young minds that will perhaps in the future mold the world itself.

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