Have You Favored Style Over Function? Here’s Why Functionality Rules

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Designing and decorating your home can be a lot of fun. Not only do you get to create a space that matches your tastes perfectly, but you get to see it all come together. Whether you’ve chosen a bathroom design you’ve always wanted or landscaped the garden perfectly to your taste, you’ll finally feel like your house is complete. Or will you?

More often than not, we choose the design of our homes based on style. We favourite aesthetics over functionality because we want our home to look and feel good. But sometimes, ignoring function can be a bit of a disaster. If you’re wondering what doesn’t feel right with your home or if you’re just starting to design it, take a look at these ideas for basing your design around being practical above all else.

A Room With Purpose

First of all, when you’re designing each room in your house, you’re going to want to make sure that it has a specific purpose. You might be tempted to go by design only, but then you might find yourself without enough space for everything you need. You might even find that a dual purpose room works for you. It’s an easy way to fit everything in and still make sure your place looks good too.

Storage vs. Style

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A lot of the time, you will have a design in your mind when you start putting your home together. That doesn’t always consider things like storage. But, if you have a lot of stuff, you’re going to want to make sure your favor storage over style. In fact, you can find storage solutions that are ultra stylish and will make your home look incredible. But it’s still important that you put the storage ideas first if you want your home to remain clutter-free.

Easy Access

Then, you’re going to want to think about your design and layout in terms of ease. You might be tempted to fit a lot of fixtures into a room like your kitchen, but you also need to make sure that the space works. When it comes to creating the layout, make sure that areas like your sink are in the right place by consulting the right companies, like the Tap Warehouse, for the styles that you want. You might want a pack a lot into your kitchen, but it does have to work.

Clean Away

It’s also useful to be practical when it comes to things like materials in the home – especially if you have children. You might think that those tiles, that wallpaper, or that fabric looks incredible, but it also needs to be durable and easy to clean. The last thing you want is a beautiful looking room that lasts five minutes!

Comfort And Calm

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And finally, you might think designing a bedroom that’s ultra stylish and modern is an amazing idea, but you have to think about it’s primary function first. If you struggle to sleep in your newly designed bedroom, it will all feel like a waste. So, instead, make sure that you design a cozy bedroom that will allow you to get straight to sleep and stay there all night.


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