Get rid of carpet odors and prevent allergies

It might provoke various allergic reactions, which would have negative impact on your heath. There might be no visible stains on your carpet and yet the heavy smell may remain. In such case you should try to locate the source of the smell and try out some useful advice.

Get rid of carpet odours and prevent allergies

  • First, try to find out what the source of the smell is. It may be very helpful to know what exactly your problem is. Some smells like alcohol or urine can be removed very easily if you just leave the carpet outdoors for a few days or let fresh air regularly. Do not underestimate this simple method. Textiles accumulate materials that are already in your home so if you don’t open the windows regularly and let air stand still for day your carpets and covers will eventually accumulate unpleasant odors even if you wash them regularly. On the contrary if you open the windows often and ventilate the premises the chances are you will have problems with stinking carpets rarely. Leaving the carpet outdoor may also be a good solution when it stinks of mold or other decaying materials. This may mean that fungi or bacteria are growing in among the fibers of your carpet causing a disgusting smell. They can’t be killed easily when washing and may even be resistant to chemicals but can’t cope with changing environment like that of the outside air.
    • You should regularly vacuum clean your carpets and mats. It may sound mundane but actually you could save a lot of troubles if you just keep your home clean. Vacuuming the dust and brushing hairs and fibers removes the sources of dirt and particles that can accumulate stinky substances in your carpet so when it comes across some really smelly stuff it will be less prone to absorb it if it is regularly cleaned. All carpets are made by a number of small fibers that are woven together in the manufacture process. They can absorb all kinds of small particle and in time accumulate more and more particles that increase the surface of the material increasing the number of particles it can absorb. This also makes cleaning it more difficult. So the dirties a carpet gets the dirtier it can get and it gets more and more difficult to clean it, too. Some of these particles can also have strong smell. This is also a perfect environment for bacteria. That is why not cleaning your carpet regularly actually makes it more difficult for you to clean when you decide and helps it accumulate nasty smells.
    • If you have problems with urine or with liquids like juice or wine it may be wise to wash your carpet away so the smell can be removed by the water. For this purpose place a sheet of paper or cardboard or towel below your carpet and a sheet of nylon or other water-prone material above. Then water this part of your carpet where the smell is. On top of the nylon place a heavy object. Wait for a day. The object will pressure the fabric of your carpet forcing the smelly substance to dissolve in the water and go to the paper below. Thus the smell will enter it and you can throw it away later. In case of harder to clean stains like blood you may use vinegar instead of water. Vinegar is also a very good substance for cleaning food or organic materials since it is acid and it dissolves them.
    • Actually, the best choice for most kind of smells is baking soda. It can do wonders when it comes to bleaching stains and removing smells. It has the property of absorbing those small particles that stuck between the fibers of your carpet thus removing the smell. Spray well with soda the entire smelling area of your carpet and wait for a day or two. Then vacuum extensively. If the smell persists do it again. If even that is not enough you should try some stronger chemical agent like rubbing alcohol or ammonia. There are special cleaning products that can be sprayed or blotted onto the smelling area, too. But you should be careful because these substances tend to be poisonous and the more efficient the product is the bigger is the risk for your health. If you can’t get rid of the awful smell simply contact professional cleaners.
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If the smell is so hard to rid of that you nothing works you should just call cleaning company. There are a lot of companies that offer cleaning services including carpet and rug cleaning. Their cleaners have much more experience than you and the companies can offer special services like steam and dry cleaning. You just don’t have access to such equipment and the necessary experience with it. That is why if you can’t handle the problem yourself or just don’t have the time or the nerve to do it – just call a cleaning agency. This will save you a lot of effort and get the job done!
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