Google: Not Your Doctor Or Counselor

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Feeling sick? Feeling down? The first thing that many of us do is resort to our smartphones. If it’s something besides the common cold or allergies, our bodies and minds can become alarmed. It’s convenient to have access to a smartphone in this situation, and allow Google to become your primary doctor.

But, is this first step always the right one to take? Sure, there is lots of useful information online that you might be able to find useful. Others can share their past experiences dealing with similar situations, and you can participate in online forums to ask additional questions. But it goes without saying, you can’t always trust what you read online.

Create Hysteria

One of the most common issues with researching symptoms online is hysteria. It’s the instant feeling that is created when you read stories of others who are sick and some of the horror stories they are dealing with.

A lot of individuals resort to online platforms to vent, or even complain about how they are feeling or doing. It’s sometimes hard to remember that most internet users to not go online specifically to leave positive reviews or remarks. If they do, it’s not as common as we would like to think in the ideal world. Reading about possible side effects, symptoms, or how your body is reacting to a sickness can instantly create hysteria and leave you feeling helpless and sometimes even un-curable.

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As with any sickness, it can be hard to identify what symptoms lead to exactly what type of illness you may have. For example, spring-time allergies can be so severe that often times individuals may believe they have a cold. Or worse off, they have the flu.

Do not read everything online and take it so literally. It’s important to check the facts, and do not diagnose yourself with a condition without consulting a doctor, therapist, or counselor.

Unnecessary Stresses

Online-diagnosis can add a lot of un-needed stresses to one’s life. Furthermore, it adds stress to family and friends around you who are worried about your condition. Make sure you are getting the facts straight from the start. Do not stress yourself out over possible effects that are listed online. Furthermore, do not take the worst bit of information you read online and share it with your peers.

Life is already full of so many stresses that it’s important to consider what your peers are dealing with in their lives as well. Do not add any additional stress that is not needed without having supporting evidence.

Taking the Traditional Route

Online portals and discussions are excellent for sharing your experiences with others. But, sometimes it’s important to consider traveling to the doctor’s office. If you are unable, consider seeking doctors and insurance companies that offer telehealth options.

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Just remember, doctors, counselors, and therapists are trained and willing to help you when you need them. Trust their expertise and knowledge in the field. Trust the sources that are set in place to help you, and never make assumptions about your health!

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