Gorgeous Gardens for Small Spaces

Not all of us have the luxury of owning huge plots of land in which we can sunbathe whilst sipping upon a tall glass of Pimms during the Summer season. In fact, in many densely populated urban areas this is just not possible. We have apartment blocks to share, or tiny little patios that could barely fit a shed – let alone the image of a garden that immediately springs to mind when you envisage lazy Summer afternoons!

There are plenty of outdoor area ideas for small spaces, to suit both those on a budget and those who can afford to put a little extra financial love into it. Regardless of budget, a little imagination and creativity goes a long way. Who says an “outdoor area” even has to be outdoors? Conservatories can be home to beautiful indoor gardens, with the added benefit of acting like a solarium to really make you feel as if you’re somewhere warm and exotic. Those living in concrete cubicles, also known as city flats or apartments, are at most going to have but a few feet of balcony to play with. But a few feet can go a long way too if you use the space efficiently.Gardens for Small Spaces
So I invite you to lend yourself to some inspiring ideas on how to revitalize your urban abode with a fresh, organic getaway to escape the concrete jungle of your cityscape. A nook of tranquility, if you will.

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Urban Gardening for Small Spaces
Big, beautiful botanical gardens that you could just get lost in for hours is a dream even to the majority of luxury home owners. But the next step down doesn’t have to be a plastic plant pot riddled with weeds. Hanging baskets are a great way to add some plant life to a balcony, and naturally paint some colour to your outdoor space. But you can also use long and narrow hanging baskets to grow your own herb garden or vegetables. When deciding what sort of plants or vegetables to grow, you will also want to thoroughly consider the weather conditions.urban-gardening
Vertical gardens against a back wall or hung up in large photo frames are also quite in vogue, due to their unique appearance which gives a gorgeous, organic backdrop whilst taking up very little room. For conservatories and sunrooms, indoor plants may fare better but care must be ensured to select plant life that does well under direct sunlight as conservatories with glass walls and/or a glass ceiling act like greenhouses.

If you’re put off by the thought of maintenance, you may want to look into creating a “synthetic garden”. You can create quite an organic looking space using synthetic materials. Having a lush carpet of synthetic turf (artificial grass) beneath your toes can feel almost as good as the real thing, and far more durable too. Fake plants might not be ideal but they require very little maintenance and, if all you’re looking for is a space to wind down after work, they’re realistic enough to be satisfyingly “organic”.

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Garden Furniture for Small Spaces
garden-furnitureWhat does every garden need? Furniture from which you can admire your creation. Rattan garden furniture is a favorite due to their exotic origin. Created from vines from the tropical jungles of Southeast Asia, rattan garden furniture has a beautifully natural look to it that complements a wide range of different styles of gardens whether you’re going for a traditional, rustic look or a contemporary city one.

Gorgeous Gardens for Small Spaces – Extra Tips!
Remember to KISS! (Keep it simple, stupid!) There’s nothing relaxing about cramped space. So as much as you fall in love at first sight with every photo that pops up on Pinterest, don’t fall into the trap of trying to replicate every little thing you see on social media. A little detail can leave a lasting impression, and keeping things minimal will be a lot more enchanting than a clutter of (what were) cool ideas.

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