How to Handle Dental Emergencies

smileDo you have frequent toothaches? Do not wait any longer! One of the most common problems with teeth is delaying the intervention. You should visit a specialist the moment it becomes urgent, since it gets only worse for both you and your dentist if you keep postponing it. Also, by ignoring the problem you’re increasing the risk of potential undesired outcomes like permanent damage to the jaw. No matter if your problem is caused by caries or ingrown wisdom teeth, you should deal with it on time; otherwise, it will only become more complicated and more expensive.

In the following text we will discuss common teeth problems and their solutions.

Dealing with a toothache
Aspirin won’t help even if you put it against the aching spot on your gums. If your friends told you it will, it doesn’t have to mean it’s the truth and that it will help you. Don’t put painkillers in your mouths because it will burn your gums. Use a dental floss to clear your mouth from food scraps and then rinse your mouth with lukewarm water. However, this will only help you sleep better. First thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is to visit your dentist.

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 don't panic with dental problemDamaged teeth
Let’s say you had an accident during a basketball game and somehow your tooth has been knocked out, broken or damaged in some way. First, you need to rinse your mouth with water in order to clear it from broken pieces. Then, try to isolate the bleeding with gauze or anything sterilized which will be able to absorb fluid. If there’s any ice nearby, wrap it in the cloth and put it on your check for ten minutes. When you get batter, go to your dentist as soon as possible. Even your teeth are knocked out, there’s still a chance to save them, just do not try to touch the tissue or do anything by yourself. Put the tooth into milk or salty water and try to get to the dentist within the hour.

Dental hygiene and on-time actions
You’re responsible for your own health. Don’t try to ignore the pain because it can become only worse. Take good care of your dental hygiene. It’s desirable to brush your teeth twice a day, before breakfast and after dinner. However, it’s important to brush them properly as well. Use dental floss to clear the dirt which you cannot reach with your toothbrush.

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If you have a child you should take them to the dentist regularly. We asked Orthoworx, orthodontists from Sydney, what is the best age to take children for the first checkup, and the answer was at the age of seven. That is the right time to see if the teeth are growing in the right angle, how are they arranged and to inspect overall oral health.

Possible infections
Abscess is an infection which occurs between the gums and the teeth or around the root. It’s a serious infection which attacks the surrounding tissue and it can become even worse if it’s not treated on time. It will spread on other parts of the body. So, if you discover a painful pimple in your mouth it’s a good time to visit your dentist.

dentistDon’t wait for too long. The more you wait, the more serious your problem with teeth will become. And remember: people with beautiful teeth are smiling more often. When you smile you attract good things. When you attract good things, you’re happy, and life is more beautiful when you are happy.

Ariel Bellamy is a pretty stubborn health encyclopedia and she loves to know everything about anything. She will always regret not becoming a doctor of medicine, but that won’t stop her from giving away her knowledge about the tiniest health issues that can raise an alarm loud enough to make people see an expert – and save a life.

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