Health and Mental Benefits of Surfing

One of the most demanding, yet interesting sports of all people who live nearby water is surfing. It is, in fact, one of the most engaging sports in a physical sense, because it demands activation of almost all muscles in the body, thus improving overall health of both the body and the mind.

Many people do not know is that it originated in Hawaii, from where it spread all over the world. No matter the age, temperature or coastline – this sport engages people in riding waves all over the meridians. Keep reading and find out numerous benefits of surfing in the following paragraphs.

Benefits of Surfing
Surfing improves physical strength

First is the obvious: surfing makes you stronger. As it was mentioned before, this sport activates a lot of muscles in your body, including legs, arms, back, stomach and even face muscles.

When paddling, it activates the upper body, and while on the board, your legs and arms are active in order to keep balance and stay on the board. It is a great cardiovascular exercise which pumps your blood faster, as well as the adrenalin which makes you eager for doing it more every day.

Since a lot of muscles in the body are activated, this kind of physical activity liberates them from excessive fat by burning stored supplies between the muscles. This only means that your body will be liberated from extra weight and you will be better looking.

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Surfing provides mental and social benefits

Nature is the source of all peace in the world, so no wonder that surfing brings such great a number of benefits, including mental serenity. The feeling of being in direct touch with nature is truly a gift that many people do not have the chance to experience.

This kind of physical exercise leads to releasing endorphin, the happiness hormone, which improves mood and is a natural cause of euphoria. In line with these two emotions, surfing produces the feeling of power, which activates when one dominates the waves.

Another good benefit is that this sport teaches people patience – since in the majority of cases surfers need to wait a lot of time for the right wave. And when it comes – the feeling is magnificent. Attention is another mental skill that is developed through this sport, because surfers need to be focused when the strongest wave hits so that they do not lose balance and sink into water.

Many people turn to surfing because they want to learn how to control their body and be their own master. Even though this is an individual sport, it can also be done in pair – especially during the learning process, so it can also improve social skills and help people learn how to trust others.

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Safety comes first

Since surfing can become a bit dangerous all of a sudden, you should protect yourself in time and prevent this kind of situations from happening. There are all kinds of surfing gadgets which improve your safety, such as aquatic surf vest, or a locker bag in which you can keep your precious belongings without the fear of losing them under water or having someone steal them from you at the beach.

If you practice underwater photography, you should think about keeping your data on a storage card. Back your data up with GO PRO accessories and not live another day in fear of losing your precious underwater photos.
Surfing is, indeed, one of the healthiest sports. Not only does it improve your overall physical health, but it also affects your mind, enabling you to be in touch with nature and respects its power at all times.

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