Hidden Red Flags In Every Household That You Cannot Afford To Ignore

We are sure that you take care of your household as much as possible, and that if you see a problem, you act on it. And, you are right to – it’s the best way to prevent problems becoming more severe, and it will save you money in the long-term. The only things that might prevent you from dealing with a particular issue are a lack of time or a lack of knowledge that something could turn out to be more problematic than you think.


Be warned, however – some hidden red flags should not be ignored. Doing so could end up costing you a small fortune and cause serious problems to your home. We’re going to take a good look at some of these issues with you today, so read on to find out more.




Subsidence is when your home starts to sink into the ground below – and it can turn into a severe issue surprisingly rapidly. The good news is that regular checks on your home’s structure can help you keep on top of any potential problems. Look at your brickwork, walls, and ceilings, and inspect them for large cracks or movements. The pointing on your external walls can also reveal the early signs of subsistence. If you see any issues, it is well worth paying for a structural survey to see what is going on underneath your home.


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Roof warping


It’d be good to think that roofs last forever, but sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. The chances are you will need to replace a few tiles or repair the odd leak in your lifetime, but another issue to watch out for is warping. Roof warping can cause a lot of damage,it’s hard to spot, and will use up a significant portion of your emergency fund once it takes hold. Your best bet is to make checks at least once a year, looking for soft spots. It’s best to hire a professional, reputable company to do this on your behalf, for safety reasons.


Expanding damp patches


Most homes have periods of suffering from damp – and it is usually easy to clear up. But if you notice the wet spreading fast, it might be more dangerous than you think. The most likely suspect is a broken water pipe, and a leak happening somewhere behind your walls. It is essential to move fast before too much damage takes hold,  get in touch with your local emergency plumbing service and fix that leak sooner rather than later.


Tree roots


Finally, don’t forget to check your outside areas, too, especially if you have trees in your garden. While trees can look magnificent from the ground up, they can be a pest under your feet – and dangerous to the structure of your home. Roots can grow incredibly long and are often bigger blow ground than they are up top. But if those strong roots start connecting with your foundations or water pipes, they can cause serious issues. Keep tabs on your tree roots, and it might be worth having a survey every year or two to ensure the roots aren’t encroaching where they shouldn’t.

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