Why Isn’t Your Home Selling?

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It can be a nightmare when you want to move home, but you are receiving no offers on your property. And it can feel like you are never going to be able to move from your haunts. But you need to look more closely at why you are not receiving any offers. That way, you can make some changes so that you can find a buyer quickly! Therefore, here is where you are going wrong when your house has been up for sale for months.


You are pricing the house too high


Of course, when it is time to sell, you want to get as much as possible for your home. That way, you can put a good amount towards your new property. However, if you overprice your house, you could end up with little interest. And it could cause your property to be up for sale for months. After all, potential buyers will just go and look at other properties which are selling for less. Therefore, take a look at homes which are selling in the area and see how much they are going for. You might find that they are all slightly less than you have your home up for. And then it might be the case that you need to drop your price by a couple of grand so that you get more viewings at your home. Just don’t go too low so that you are left out of pocket if the home sells!


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You are with the wrong realtor


It’s easy to end up making a mistake when it comes to your estate agent. After all, you might be tempted by their good packages. But then when it comes to actually selling your home, they might let you down. You should have a look at the photos and the content about your property. Is it really selling your home? After all, if the photos are of poor quality, you might find that people won’t come for viewings. Therefore, ask the realtor to revise the images to ensure you get a viewing correctly. And remember if you are unhappy with your realtor, you could switch to someone else. Or you might even decide to go through a different option such as sell homes for cash. That way, you can quickly get a sale and then can finally move out to your new humble abode!


Your home isn’t in a good condition


When people struggle to sell their home, it’s often down to the property itself. After all, if your home isn’t in the best condition, you are going to struggle to get offers. It could be due to things like a poor kitchen or an old bathroom which is causing you to not get viewings. So you should consider updating these to ensure you get a buyer quickly. Or it might be things like that wacky wallpaper in your bedroom which is stopping viewings! To ensure you sell the home quickly, try and make sure your home as neutral as possible. After all, it helps people to imagine their own stuff in the property, and they are more likely to make an offer!
And remember to work on the curb appeal so that you sell the property quickly. You can read my previous blog for help improving the exterior appeal.

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