How to Keep Your Feet Cozy During the Winter

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It’s the middle of winter and our poor bodies are trying to tell us that they are done with the cold. We can’t change the weather, but we can help our feet feel a little relief from the brisk air. Here are 5 easy ways to help your tootsies feel more comfortable in the cold.

Proper Shoes

Boots are the number one shoe option for those cold winter months. Luckily for us, there are thousands of styles to choose from. What is most important when selecting a pair of boots in the winter is whether or not they will actually be able to keep your feet warm.

Winter boots need to be insulated. If the only thing between you and the snow is a thin strip of leather then those particular boots should be reserved for fall. There also needs to be extra room at the toes so you will have room to wear your warm socks along with your comfortable boots.

Staying Dry

It is best if you can find shoes that are water resistant. If any part of your body gets wet then you will start losing heat very rapidly. Plus, there are few things worse than walking around in the frigid cold with soaking wet feet. If your feet get wet you’ll need to get them dried off and warmed up as soon as possible.


The winter is a very harsh time for your feet. Just like your hands, you might notice that your feet are more dry than usual. A good way to combat that is to moisturize after each shower. This will help to lock in the moisture and keep your feet feeling soft.

If your feet are seeming especially dry and callused then you could take a pumice stone and gently rub the dry callused sections of your feet. This will smooth out the roughness, leaving you with smooth feet that are just begging for a little lotion as a finishing touch.

How to Warm Up

If you were out too long in the cold and come back inside with feet and hands tingling from the cold, then you’ll probably want to get those warmed up as quickly as possible. Here is a simple step by step for getting warm and comfy quickly.

  1. Run your cold digits under warm water.
  2. Allow someone with warm hands to rub warmth and life back into your hands and feet.
  3. Drink some warm liquid. Staying hydrated will help increase the blood flow to your fingers and toes as well as warm your belly.

Pamper Your Feet

The cold winter months are harsh on your poor feet. Sometimes it’s good to take an hour or two to yourself. Moisturize your feet, put fuzzy socks on and give your tired toes a rest. You deserve it just as much as they do.

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