Keeping Your Car Clean

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Every teenager dreams of owning a car, but let’s be real: you’ve been driving for at least five years and you still struggle to keep it from looking like a mess.

In the United States, Americans spend an average of just under 300 hours driving each year, yet it’s so easy to tell yourself you’ll take care of the smudges on your windshield later. But the longer you put it off, the more external forces are wearing down your vehicle, inside and out.

So get yourself on a consistent schedule of doing the following five things to keep your car clean.

Wash the Car

Let’s start with the most obvious: washing. We used to be a nation that got their friends together on a Saturday morning to wash the family car. Maybe that felt like a hassle, but there are easier ways to keep the body clean.

Car wash facilities are nearly everywhere and super budget-friendly. Try to wash your vehicle at least every two weeks with this quick tip.

Clean the Glass

Did your parents ever tell you to keep your hands off the glass? Did the foggy moisture beg you to write your name in it? Then it should be no surprise that cleaning your windows is needed just as much.

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Your visibility can be reduced by finger smudges and even completely obstructed by films that develop over time. To give you the best visibility, clean your windows with a proper window cleaner at least once a month.

Vacuum the Interior

Are you attempting to convince your significant other that the car can go another week without being vacuumed? Because you would be wrong. The seats and floor mats in your car will wear the most–especially those right where the driver is sitting.

What harm could a few crumbs have? If repeatedly ground into the carpet, they may never come out. Let’s not forget about sticky soda or melted candy. Take care of mishaps quickly. Also, don’t skip over any areas.

Line up vacuuming with your car wash (most car wash facilities have free vacuums you can use at the same time), but if a long drive means you’ve got considerably more dirt inside than normal, take her in for another round.

Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

After a while, you’ll find a nice coating of dust on your dashboard, which can cause issues with seeing your clock display or even your speedometer and other gauges. Of course, the lazy man’s option is to ignore this or maybe use an old rag to wipe it down, but that could do more damage than good.

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Wipe down your dash and any other hard surfaces like cupholders and door jams with a damp cloth or wipes specially designed to clean and protect them. A great perk: you’ll be able to remove dirt and dust without leaving any residue or elapsing into a sneezing fit.

Gather Trash and Papers

As a member of the human race, you have a tendency to gather up objects you don’t really  need, then leave them lying around in odd places, and one of those places is the cab of your vehicle.

It might be a fruit snack wrapper or an invitation to a toddler dance recital from last year. Whatever it is, it needs to go. Try to remove trash as you’re leaving the car (you’ve got several chances a day!) and routinely pull out the conglomerate of items that get stuffed into your back pockets.

It might take a moment to sort out the recyclable materials like those produced with, but the next time you jump in your car, you’ll feel fresh, clean, and ready to impress your next passenger.

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