Make Your Home Feel Bigger With Color Schemes and Paint

living room with neutral color scheme

Decorating a small room can often seem underwhelming because typically, no matter what you do, it will feel crowded. That doesn’t have to be the case. There are many things you can do to help make a small space seem much larger than it actually is. For starters, it is important to pick the correct colors for your walls and, yes, even your ceiling.

The Walls

If you are going for a more spacious look, then try and steer clear of dark tones. While dark colors will make the room feel nice and cozy, it will also pull out all the light and make the room seem small – and that’s what we’re trying to avoid here.  

Instead of dark colors, try thinking of light color palettes. Light blues and grays are in style right now, but don’t let that hold you back. If you love yellow then go for it, but I would suggest keeping your yellow to a lighter tone and then only put it on your accent wall. Then put very light grays or off whites on the other walls to help bring the whole room together.

Designer Anne Miller of Miller House Interiors in Charlotte, NC says that she is actually a big fan of bold colors but also reminds us, “The key is to remember to balance out that color with softer neutrals so that the room is not overwhelming.”

Always keep in mind that there has to be a balance in all things, even color. If you choose to go bold for your main color don’t forget to put a yin to your yang with a more subdued accent tone.  

The Ceiling

Everyone loves a classic white ceiling. Or do they? I think people are just used to ignoring the ceiling because usually, it doesn’t provide much to look at. If you are willing to be a little bold, you can paint your ceiling to help make the room seem large by tricking the eye to think the ceiling is taller.

Now you can just paint it one color and call it done, but if you’re willing to put in a little bit of work you can transform your ceiling into something worth commenting on. One suggestion is to wallpaper the ceiling. Don’t forget that light colors are still key here.

What you really want to shoot for is a simple design that elongates the room, but doesn’t squash it under busy designs. Think simple patterns and light complimentary color.

The key takeaway here should be focusing on neutral light colors to help bring light and space into the room and remember that everything has a balance. If you go bold with your ceiling than stay neutral with your furniture.

Need some other ways to make a room feel larger? Check out these four ways to make a room feel larger based on furniture choices. Just make sure if you are going to make changes to your home, that if you’re living in a rental, you check with your property manager first.

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