All you need to know before getting breast implants

Getting breast implants is nothing unusual these days. There used to exist this prejudice of women who do any kind of cosmetic surgery, especially if that surgery is breast augmentation but nowadays, this prejudice seems to be a thing of the past with so many women of different backgrounds deciding to opt for this kind of procedure. CEOs, soldiers, teachers, policewomen, nurses, young mothers, public figures… any of these women are strangers to breast implants.

Breast implantsWomen who decide to have their breasts augmented want to look natural, proportional, feminine and – most importantly – they want to feel confident with their bodies. And, it doesn’t really matter whether the surgery was done for cosmetic purposes – reduction, lift, augmentation – or reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy.

Naturally, women who decide to undergo a breast surgery have dozens of questions regarding their safety, the longevity and durability of their implants. We have decided to answer some of those  questions and help all the ladies understand what in fact is going on.

What is normal when it comes to the look of my breasts?
US doctors like to say that breasts aren’t twins but sisters. Identical breasts do not exist so a slight asymmetry is absolutely normal. They can be also of slightly different sizes, which is common in most women.

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If, however, you are uncomfortable with having different-sized breasts, address the issue to your surgeon and he’ll fix the issue by enlarging breasts with implants of different sizes – meaning, he’ll be reducing the larger breast or augmenting the smaller one. Even after your surgery is done, the breasts won’t look like twins but will look like sisters from the same family.

Will I be able to breastfeed if I get implants?
Nowadays, breast implants are done in such a way that they usually do not interfere with breastfeeding. During the procedure, milk ducts are generally not disturbed. Milk ducts are disrupted in cases when implants are placed through an incision made around the areola. This may then affect breastfeeding. Keep in mind though that not all women are naturally able to breastfeed, so the act of breastfeeding may not have much to do with the surgery in all cases.

Breast implants surgeryIs reading a mammogram a problem once I get implants?
Sometimes, yes, Implants may get in the way of mammogram reading. For this reasons, a technician will always ask you whether you have breast implants. With women who do, a technician gently pushes up (displaces) the implants. Further, he/she will take extra views of each breast. Radiologists have experience evaluating breasts with implants as many women today have had a breast augmentation surgery done.

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Is there a normal/usual breast cup?
Even though most women believe C cup bra is the perfect size, there isn’t a usual cup everyone should get in order to look or feel good. Choosing the right cup is individual and is decided in accordance to the woman’s body structure, her wishes and her surgeon’s recommendation. Women should choose a cup according to their frame.

How soon can I get back to work and to working out?
The recovery time is pretty individual, yet some standard recovery time should be respected. For women whose work doesn’t have much physical activity and who mostly work at a test, going back to work is allowed after approximately five days. As for women whose jobs entail pulling, pushing or lifting, it’s recommended they go to work no sooner than the end of the second week.

Naturally, depending on your overall health, body structure and the size of implants, your surgeon will advise you about your return to work.

Do breast implants have to be replaced every 10 years?
Implants are not as fragile as they look. Over time, manufacturers have increased the strength of the implant shell and they can hundreds of pounds of pressure. Mammogram alone applies up to 50 pounds and it doesn’t harm the implant.

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Implants don’t have an expiration date and should be replaced only if they break.

Will my breast implants melt in a sauna or a tanning bed?
The outer silicone shell of both silicone gel and saline implants melts at a temperature greater than 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Meaning, don’t worry about your implants melting – you’d have to be in an environment where you whole would melt for your implants to melt, too.

Breast implants aren’t for everyone and they shouldn’t be a matter of trend but personal desire. When done for the right reasons, they can make a life-altering difference.

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