The Occasional Sprucing Your Home Needs To Stay On Top Of Its Game


A good spring clean isn’t enough. If you want your home to be safe, healthy and efficient, you need to be thorough in how you take care of it. We’re going to look at the little tasks you need to do from time to time, whether it’s every season or every year. If you don’t take the time out occasionally to a bit here and there, you’ll have to spend a lot more time and money fixing it all at once down the line.


Prepare for some wear and tear


Most things degrade. It might happen naturally, it might be caused by the weather or some other force. But the fact is that you can’t assume the essentials of the home are the same as they were last year. Particularly when winter comes. Check your insulation, your doors and your windows. See if they need any caulking and insulation. Check the roof as well to make sure no tiles are missing or cracked. Leaving gaping holes in your home’s insulation leaves you at risk of having real trouble controlling the temperature, not to mention damp and mold.


Unclogging the clogs


Some areas of the home reduce over time. Others build up. In particular, dust and debris can cause a lot of problems. It’s worth checking your guttering on the roof of your home every season, but most importantly in the autumn. Similarly, check your ventilation and AC systems every couple of months and clean them of any dust build-ups. Otherwise, it can cause problems for the equipment and even be a risk of respiratory problems.


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Don’t keep hanging on to old models


Yes, it’s economically more sound to do maintenance on older electricals. But that’s only true up to a point. Machines degrade regardless of maintenance. They become much less energy efficient, for one. It’s a good idea to check for upgrades now and then to keep your energy bills at a manageable level. For example, if you have a Frigidaire in the kitchen, you may not have realized that the FGGF3054MF has been discontinued, the replacement is the FGGF3058RF. If you’re holding onto discontinued models, maintenance costs over time will get much more expensive than just getting a new model.


Keep up with the pruning


The garden can become a real problem area if left to its devices, too. Not only does it look messy. It can be a haven for pests that can get into your home, too. Not to mention, trees that grow unchecked can potentially pose problems with power lines. Following a garden maintenance calendar makes it simple even for those who have the polar opposite of green thumbs.


Check in on the essentials


Most people will check their plumbing and electrical for issues when they first move into a home. However, it’s worth getting an inspection every year or so after that as well. Small electrical problems can become big fire risks if left to grow unopposed. Catch them when they’re small.

Take care of your home and it will take care of you. A big mistake that people make is assuming everything is okay as it is. Be more proactive in your home and it will stay in tip-top shape for longer.

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