5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Health This Spring

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It’s no secret that we all love summer, and a lot of the things we do when it’s warm outside provide us with the high levels of energy and happiness we need to feel successful and purposeful. But when you’re working indoors full-time, all those moments can pass you by.

Whether you work in an office or the great outdoors, remember to do these 5 things so you can keep going strong. Here are a few tips to help rejuvenate your health this coming spring and summer.

Be Active

Rough day at work? It’s so easy to plan out your evening while you’re still at work, but the moment you walk in the front door, your energy is gone and you’re ready for a nap. You can let fatigue run your life, or you can moderate your activity.

Choose to do something active that you can start as soon as you get home. Pull on your gym shoes and go for a walk, run, or bike ride. Be mindful of your own abilities as well so you can avoid injuries, especially those that could lead to future hip or knee surgeries. Even a mild ten minutes of activity will find you more relaxed and happy the rest of the evening.

Drink Plenty of Water

Don’t tell me, you can’t get through the morning without your 32 oz of caffeine? It’s time to water that habit down–literally. Soda and other sugary drinks, when consumed routinely, will affect your teeth, brain, lungs, and heart in negative ways while your body needs water to keep running smoothly, including keeping your skin clear.

Start trading out the soda cans, the sugar- and caffeine-rich drinks, and you’ll find you feel better and have the energy and endurance to do more of what you love than before.

Get Outside

It’s difficult to get outside in the winter, especially if you’re not a fan of the cold, so make sure you spend as much time out there as you can in the summer. Instead of going to the gym to workout, step outside your door and get going.

Rather than bingeing a season of your latest obsession in the darkness of your basement, close the laptop and sit on your porch for a few minutes with friends or family. Pick up a couple activities that you can use when winter comes around again as well.

Practice Mindfulness

Practice a few minutes of mindfulness or meditation. If your mind is busy all day at work, then you get home and go straight into a media binge, your mind isn’t getting the rest or reset that it needs.

Take the time to step back from all your worries and responsibilities without your emotions adding their two cents. It’s important to recognize who you are without stress dictating your actions and to experience being who you are without judgments or outside opinions.

Continue with Self-care

Once you establish a few habits of self-care like these, you’ll be able to start engaging with the people and activities in your life in a way that is fulfilling rather than draining. Keep up with them and you’ll be able to contribute in satisfying ways and find that joy and energy you’ve been searching for.

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