What to do if Someone You Love is an Addict

love with drug addiction

Having a loved one who is an addict can be heart-breaking. You watch them slowly head down the road to self-destruction and it seems like all hope is lost. But, if you can be decisive and support them you will be able to help them turn their life around. Here are some excellent suggestions that will help you take action if someone you love is an addict.

Be There For Them

Nobody can recover from something like cocaine addiction without help and support. And if someone you love is a struggling addict you need to let them know they aren’t alone. Show them that you are there for them, and you will do whatever you can to look after them. This is important because this way you’re not smothering them, but you also don’t make them feel like they are alone in this.

An Intervention

Interventions are a hugely important part of the process of broaching the topic of addiction. However, they have to be sensibly planned and well carried out. It’s going to be a very sensitive issue that’s going to need to be dealt with carefully. Get as many of their friends and family members together as possible. Let them know that the intervention is planned and how you’ll carry it out. It’s important that addicts don’t feel judged, and, instead understand that you are there for them and want to help them.

Don’t Push Them Away

Discovering someone you care about is an addict can be very difficult to accept. And this is something you need to make sure you approach with care. The last thing you want is to upset the person and end up pushing them away. That’s why it’s vital be accepting and understanding, and not to launch into a tirade at them. They are going to need your help and support to get through this. So, you have to make sure you approach your intervention very carefully and let them know you are there for them.

Encourage Other Interests

A great remedy to battle addiction is to have other interests. And you should encourage your loved one to pursue other interests. They might consider taking up a new hobby and completely immersing themselves. This is a wonderful way to hold their focus and attention and detract from the impact of their addiction. It’s a powerful part of the healing process, and will work well on their road to recovery.

Treatment Plans

You need to think about the right sort of treatment plans for people battling addiction. It’s important to find out what options are available for addiction treatment and work toward them. The quicker you can facilitate this, the better it will be for everyone. If your friend or relative is battling addiction, they are going to need professional support. They will need to be check into a rehab facility and get care and attention from experts. This is the best way of ensuring they get the treatment they need. And it helps you work toward making them clean and healthy again. You can do your research and find out about treatment plans yourself.

Be Considerate of Their Needs

It’s easy to think about only the negative aspects of addiction. But, you need to understand that recovering addicts have needs; needs that are important. This is things like making sure they get plenty of rest. Having alone time as well as socializing, and, sometimes needing patience and understanding. They will need all of these things as they work towards getting clean and sober again. And you need to be patient and understanding toward them if you’re going to help them achieve this.

Keep Them on the Straight and Narrow

One of the most difficult things for recovering addicts is staying clean. Many people will end up relapsing for a variety of different reasons. It can be very tricky to keep sober these days, and they will need help. So, as a friend or relative you need to try to keep them on the straight and narrow. This means checking up on them, and making sure they aren’t spending time with people they shouldn’t be. The first few months will be some of the most difficult in their whole lives. And that’s when you can really go all out to help them and ensure you reduce the risk of a relapse.

Dealing with the revelation that someone you love is an addict is never easy. But, you’re in a fortunate position because you can do something about it. You have to take action and do what you can to help this person. They’re going to find it very difficult to tackle their addiction and get clean. And this is where they will need your help and support to help them through it. You can use the ideas on this post to give you ideas about how you can help them.

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