Successfully Potty Training The Family Puppy


One of the hardest things for any dog owner is teaching his puppy to relieve itself outside.

Nevertheless, this is one of those life lessons that you cannot skip. If you manage to teach your puppy how to “go potty”, everything else will be a breeze. In fact, it is even ok to have a somewhat stubborn dog if it listens when it comes to relieving itself. There are so many things that may go wrong with potty training.

Given that this is one of the first lessons for a dog, inexperienced dog owners might try and force their will on a puppy. This is counterproductive as it distances you from a dog. In some cases, it can even lead to trauma and puppy may perceive potting as a stressful activity. This is why you need to be very careful when training it.


Key Potty Training Considerations


In order to do this, you need to be very patient. You need to create a comfortable atmosphere for the puppy and be in command at all times. In fact, potty training is all about developing a routine for the trainer as well as the dog.

It is important to remember that praising is an important key to successful training sessions. As you cannot discipline your dog with punishment, you need to discipline it with petting and positive confirmation.

Another important thing is to have a command. You need to have a word, sentence, or phrase that will tell dog that it needs to relieve itself. Naturally, the sooner you start repeating the phrase, the sooner it will allow the trainer as well as puppy to remember particular commands.

Here are some main tips you need to follow:


  • Patience is crucial
  • Create a daily routine that the puppy can easily remember
  • Be consistent and do not create mixed messages
  • Improve as a trainer and change thing that do not seem to work
  • Do not punish your dog no matter what
  • Keep eyes on the dog and do not allow it to potty at home


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Timing is Key


Dogs are very similar to small kids when it comes to potting. In fact, they need to relieve themselves at similar time as humans do:


  • Go out as soon as you wake up. Similar as people, dog’s bladder fills up during the night. Small dogs cannot wait for too long and you need to make sure they don’t make a habit of peeing or pooping at home.
  • They also need to go out after midday sleep or before they go to bed in the evening.
  • Dogs also need to relieve themselves shortly after lunch. Make sure to go out afterwards and wait for dog to do its business. Some dogs require more time to digest food/have slower metabolism so they will need to relieve themselves a bit later. Nevertheless, you need to be outside in order to provide required space.
  • Teach dog to always relieve itself on the same surface such as grass
  • Puppies have strong sense of smell. They tend to pee and poop in the same area so make sure to take it there.
  • Do not excite the dog. If you do, it might not be able to control the urge.
  • Always feed dog same rations. If it doesn’t eat all, remove it. This way you can have better control of its dietary habits


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Developing A Successful Training Plan


Be patient with your puppy during potty training. Like kids, they are slow to learn and can be stubborn but they will learn eventually. You need to create an atmosphere where your dog will feel safe and secure, and always remember that training takes time and practice. Similarly to children, puppies require continued obedience training that helps to shape their behaviors as they develop into adults. Developing a strict training plan that includes some of the most important behaviors for you and your family, and enforcing the plan daily can ensure a successful training plan.

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