Dealing With the Surgery Scars‏

Most surgeries that you have to deal with often leave some sort of scars. Whether it’s a small incision or a big medical procedure that requires bigger incision, you will need a good way to prevent or reduce the size of your scars. While there is a number of different ways to deal with scars, here are some of the most effective ones.

Incision Size

One of the most important issues with scars is the size of the incision that is made, as well as the depth. Smaller incisions that are not deep require a lot less time to heal and, as such, the possibility of leaving the scar behind is much smaller. With bigger incisions, you may have to deal with a variety of issues like slow healing process and the depth of the incision can further complicate the healing process. Moving of skin and secondary injuries around the cut skin, like ripping off stitches, for example, can further complicate the healing and leave scars.

Steroid Injections

Some of the most aggressive ways to combat extensive scaring, apart from more invasive methods, are the steroid injections. By injecting steroid that promotes healing and skin growth, you can effectively seal off and remove both keloid and hypertrophic scars on your skin.  It should be noted that these injections require time to work and are often reserved only for people who are healthy.

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Skin Grafts

With major scars like those caused by fire or chemicals, it may be necessary to use skin grafts to replace parts of the skin that has not healed properly. In some cases, the damage made by aggressive elements such are the burns, often causes skin to overgrow the area of skin that has been damaged creating all kinds of scars.  Removing that skin and replacing it with a different piece of skin can sometimes be the only solution.


Skin damage in the form of scars that is not all that deep or extensive can be easily removed using dermabrasion. This simple technique uses wire brushes or diamond based dermabrasion wheels that remove the upper layer of skin which is damaged and scarred. After the dermabrasion has been performed, your skin can heal itself and generate a new skin layer which is scar free.

Laser Surgery

One of the most effective and also the most expensive ways to get rid of scars is to use the laser surgery. Laser surgery removes scars from your skin by emitting short light laser pulses into your skin. These pulses reach your lower skin structure and your body starts building up and removing older dead layers of skin along with the tissues that is scarred. Laser surgeries of this type have the advantage of requiring very little post-operative care and allow you to get back to work rather fast, but can be expensive.

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Silicone Gel Sheets

If you have small and light scars on your skin which have been made by cuts that are not all that deep, using silicone gel sheeting can often help. With silicone gel sheets, you can cover the skin are that has scars on it and this will prevent the scar from becoming more visible as well as potentially cause it to fade away. Silicone Gel Sheets are common medical supplies and you can find them basically everywhere.

Bleaching creams

While bleaching creams can be used to remove scars that are a bit darker or secondary cases of hyperpigmentation around the scar area, they can also bring a lot of trouble as well. Most bleaching creams come with a number of different chemicals and different ingredients that may become a problem for your skin. It’s best to use these only if your doctor prescribes them.
Dealing with scars can be a really tiresome and complicated issue which most people tend to avoid.

The best way to prevent scars is to let your body and your skin heal properly after any sort of injury or surgery. Too much activity can cause your skin to stretch at places where it was damaged and cause further scarring. Good diet and avoiding cigarette smoke is also important if you want your skin to heal properly. Keeping your damaged skin away from direct heavy sunlight is also a good way to avoid issues like hyperpigmentation.

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