Survival Guide to Enjoy Solo Living

Moving away from your parents and getting your own apartment can be both exciting and frightening. Exciting in a sense that you get to be independent and totally free: no curfews, no strict rules and whatnot. On the other hand, it’s frightening in a sense that you get to do all the work: no more asking mom to cook dinner for you and requesting dad to fix the faucet. Now, you’re all on your own.

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself enjoying every moment of the solo living; house party from time to time and not giving a dime for cluttered and messy home. However, there will also be days you’ll wish you had someone to come home to and ask how your day was. You’ll miss your mom’s voice scolding how messy your bed is and you along with your siblings fighting for the last box of cereal.

Now that it really is the time to embrace being an actual adult, there’s no turning back. Show how independent you are and how much you love having yourself as your own roommate. Make the most of solo living by checking out these tips that will surely make you love living alone.solo living Photo source:

Don’t shut your home. From anything and everyone. Open your blinds and let the light travel throughout your home. Go out and roam your neighborhood. Skip the gym and instead, lace up your running shoes and job around your area and socialize with the community.

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Living alone does not mean you can’t invite people over, don’t take the situation literally. You can ask your parents to come over to prepare you occasional dinner or let your dad check on your utilities; it can also be a good excuse to see them and make your home feel more “homey”, much like when you were under your parents’ roof.

Don’t disconnect yourself from the world outside your four walls. You may be alone when you sleep, eat and sit in your home but you don’t have to feel alone.

Decorate with plants. You must have other living things sitting in your home other than yourself. Plants are like pets; you nurture them, feed them, cherish them and alike. If you’re allergic to dogs, cats and can’t commit yet to owning a pet due to the amount of responsibility it requires, you might want to buy yourself some plants instead.

Seeing the plants grow and bloom each day can absolutely bring you joy and make your wonderful abode less singular. Put your fresh greenery inside and decorate your home with it. The aroma of your green friends will definitely shed light to your space.

Ensure security and safety. One of the scary parts of living alone would be facing unforeseen situations such as accidents, robbery and other suspicious activities that might surround your home.

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You’ll never know when accidents and other tragedies might strike (i.e. house caught fire, health issues, theft or robbery, etc.) so it’s best to be prepared. If you can, get yourself security alarms, motion detector lights and alike to be extra protected from danger. Also, don’t disclose too much information with your neighbor to prevent yourself from being a target.

In addition, prepare a first-aid kit just in case you accidentally cut yourself while chopping onions or for circumstances you may slip in the bathroom. Be extra careful since no one will be there to attend to you immediately when unfortunate events happen.

Own a pet. Really, pets are great companions that are always there ready to listen to your rants and on how your day went. They’re always there to talk to.

Sometimes, just an interaction with a living thing can make a drastic spin to a lonely household. Not fond of cats and dogs? Why don’t you try owning a bird, fish, turtle or hamster? Great companions like dogs and cats truly breaks the barrier of loneliness. Plus, dogs are especially great to warn you if there are intruders right outside your home.

About Chie Suarez:Chie Suarez is a writer/blogger for Wincrest Homes, a company that builds modern family homes in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Hunter Regions. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.

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