The Ketogenic Diet

large steak being prepared for the ketogenic diet

The Ketogenic diet is a low carb diet that focuses on high fat content rather than protein. This diet is named after the ketones produced by the liver when fat is broken down to be used as energy. This happens because, deprived of carbs, the body cannot use glucose for energy which is the first choice. It forces the body to burn fats instead. This keeps the fats from being stored by your body and becoming excess weight.


What Foods Make up a Ketogenic Diet:

In a Ketogenic diet the focus is on fat, but you still need to get a decent amount of protein and as always it is healthy to focus on natural ingredients over processed ones.


Stick to healthy meats. This means grass-fed and organic if you can. But for the most part meats are pretty open. Some options are: goat, venison, beef, lamb, wild-caught fish & seafood, pork, poultry, eggs.

Be careful when choosing meat dishes to avoid starchy sauces, meats which might have breading added in them (like meatloaf), or meat that may have additives like sausage and hotdogs.

Healthy Fats

Mmmm, fats! Let’s dig in and see what is on the fly list here. Animal fat works great as does butter, ghee or lard, and coconut or olive oil. Nuts make a great additions here and don’t forget about avocados!

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Non-starchy Vegetables

One notable thing about the Ketogenic diet is it can be limiting on veggies. So what veggies are good? Anything that is low in starch like leafy greens, kale, radishes, summer squashes, celery, bamboo, asparagus and cucumber.

Occasional treats

Alongside these foods there are some others that are to be eaten occasionally but not forbidden. This list includes things like certain fruits like berries and coconut and also some additional veggie options like snap peas, artichokes, water chestnuts and root vegetables.

Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet:

So what does a Ketogenic diet do for your body? With so many diet options out there it makes sense to find the one that fits your needs and sound like it will produce the best results for you. The Ketogenic diet has several interesting results beyond weight loss (which is also a huge benefit).

  • The Ketogenic diet controls blood sugar which helps manage and prevent diabetes.
  • Because fat leaves your body full longer you won’t feel as hungry on this diet as you might on others.
  • You may find you have more energy as fat is an effective and long lasting source of energy.
  • In addition, in avoiding blood sugar spikes, you will improve concentration and focus.
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There is a lot of flexibility with the ketogenic diet and you might be amazed how easy it is to follow. If you need some support sticking to it, there is a huge supportive culture surrounding the ketogenic diet on Instagram. That can be great place for recipes, support or even just to see encouraging results.

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