Thinking of Renovating a House? Read All You Need to Know Before Starting

If you are planning to buy a home that is a major need of repair, the prospect might seem a little daunting. The chances are you will have been able to get a good price for the house. That is great news! The daunting part is where do you start with a home that needs to be renovated? Is the home habitable until then, or will you be living elsewhere while the work is done? All of this needs to be taken into consideration as to what you start on first. Of course, if there is any structural damage, that should be looked at first. You can’t be living in a home that has floorboards falling out of place and a broken staircase, can you?


One of the next things to look at is the lighting and electrical wiring at the property. If there plug sockets are an old style, the chances are that the wiring won’t be up to current legal standards. So if this is the case, the whole house will need to be rewired. It is a good idea to do this before any decorating takes place. Walls will need to be chiseled into, and so you don’t want to do this after having new walls plastered! If the whole house doesn’t need to be rewired, it might still be worth looking at the electrical outlets. Sometimes there can be a lack of plug sockets in rooms. Previous owners of the home might have just got on with a small amount and used extension cables. It is safer not to use those, though. So if you can, look at getting a few new plug sockets installed. Again, this needs to be before any decorating has taken place.


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Plumbing is one of the next jobs to look at. The kitchen and bathroom might be okay and not need much work. Great if this is the case. If you are thinking about a kitchen and bathroom remodel, you might want to change where sinks, dishwashers or toilets go. Make sure you take guidance from a quality plumber who can let you know what would be possible for your rooms.


For a lot of homes, it might just mean that you need to decorate the whole of the house. It might have been left in a bit of a state, or not been decorated since the 1950s! This makes things a little easier. You can most likely live in the home while the redecorating takes place too. If you would like to get it all done quickly, then consulting a quality painter & decorator might be the way to go. Sometimes getting someone else in is quicker than you just having to do it in your spare time. Then you can just focus on getting the finishing touches like curtains, soft furnishings, and accessories. It is, of course, up to you, though.


Good luck with all of your renovation plans! Do you know which of the rooms you will start with first?


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