Time Your Exercises: When to Exercise and Why?

Preparing for a serious exercising regime includes deciding on a particular workout plan and your personal tempo of exercising. However, not many people think of the part of day when they work out, but it is not the same whether you go to the gym early in the morning or before dinner, or swim on a full or empty stomach. Therefore, here are a couple of suggestions for your morning, afternoon and evening workout routines.

When to Exercise and WhyMorning: Rise and Shine!
There is nothing better than waking up and realizing that you do not have to start your day for another hour or two and then going back to bed. However, what is even more satisfying is spending that time exercising – morning exercises are actually the best ones because they burn calories and body fat, not mass and muscles. Additionally, morning workouts wake you up more, provide you with the energy for the rest of the day, boost your metabolism and put you in a great mood.

Most people jog in the morning or ride a bicycle, but there are some great AM exercises you can try at home as well. Those include jumping jacks, crunches, planks, sit-ups and others that are a great start to your day. Combine these into daily plans and do not overdo it – four or five exercises will suffice, and by constantly rotating them, you will avoid boredom.

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Afternoon: Break the Day
If you decide to visit the gym in the afternoon, the most important thing is not to eat too much beforehand: even walking and running are hard on a full stomach, and just imagine lifting weights! On the other hand, there is an important organizational perk of afternoon exercising – they literally break your day into two parts and after finishing your work and gym, you are completely free for the rest of the day.

When speaking of the best afternoon exercises, there are no exact ones that suit every person equally. Since this is the most general time slot, this is where your individual approach comes into play – if you can afford to spend at least two hours in the gym, you will be able to go through the entire routine you have planned. The best exercises to get buffed are, generally speaking, deadlifts, weighted dips, front squats and pull-ups, but these can be altered to suit you the most. Focus on your problem areas, do not overdo your abdomen (because of lunch) and be sure to stay hydrated.

Evening: Finish in Style
This part of the day is preferred by most people, and it is not uncommon to see the biggest crowd in the gym from 8 to 10PM. This is because most of us finish our working day by then and are free to dedicate our time to our body. In order to acquire workout drive, you can try using food supplements before and after evening trainings – the former will give you more strength and the latter, like Legion Phoenix, will enhance the metabolic and muscle building processes, recover your body and minimize soreness.

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Evening trainings are based on individual preferences as well, but what you can try is a combination of weights and cardio exercises. This brings the most visible results because, while you still use your leftover energy to lift weights in the evening, you also need to relax your brain after a long day on a treadmill, step machine or stationary bike.

The Choice
Of course, the choice between these three comes down to your intensions – if your main focus is loosing weight, opt for the morning ritual, but if you want to build some muscles, exercise in the afternoon. Finally, if you just want to stay fit, the evening timeslot may be perfect for you.

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