Which Childcare Provider Would Suit Your Requirement

In the present times, both parents working have become a common sight in families. Gone are the days when only the male member of the family was considered the provider. The present age has an open-minded society, where the female member of the family also works to provide for the needs of the family. Therefore, proper childcare has become the foremost concern for working parents. They may not be able to give ample of time in rearing their child, especially when the child has reached school age. It is the responsibility of the parents to search for reputable and reliable individual or institution to cater proper childcare.

Childcare – Meaning and Options
Childcare means supervision of the child in the absence of his or her parents or guardians. A childcare is sought when minor children in the house are required to be taken care of. In case of both parents working and being away from home, the childcare provider would act as the second parent to the children. However, in certain cases, when parents want to spend quality time in each other’s company, they seek childcare provider to look after their children.
Childcare can be provided in the home of the children, in the home of childcare provider, or in a daycare or established childcare centre. Depending on the age of the children and the situations of the parents, childcare may be provided on regular or occasional basis. Most parents would prefer in-house childcare e.g., babysitter, nanny, governess, and au pair as they feel their children would be safer at home. 
·         Babysitter
The services of a babysitter are hired on part-time basis. A babysitter would be hired for childcare as and when the requirement occurs. When parents are away for work or away for weekends, a babysitter would take care of the children on the behalf of the parents. However, babysitters do not require formal training. Mostly, teenagers take up the job to earn extra money. Regardless, babysitters should be conversant of what needs to be done in case of an emergency.
·         Nanny
In the older times, only the rich would afford to keep a nanny to take care of their children. In the present times, the concept of employing a nanny for childcare has been common among the people. However, unlike the older times, nannies do not wear uniforms nowadays.
A nanny is a person who takes care of the children and caters requisite childcare. Their basic responsibilities include taking care of the child during the agreed hours as decided by the employer, supporting social and intellectual development of the children, preparing meal for the children, keeping the children safe, and at times, certain household chores. A nanny may be employed on live-in or live-out full time basis. No formal training is required however; parents would prefer a nanny should have requisite experience in the job.
·         The Governess
The governess is an individual who is educated and a trained childcare provider. A governess would be employed exclusively for the tutoring of the children.
·         The Au Pair
‘Au Pair’ is a French term meaning ‘equal to’. The au pair is generally a foreigner unmarried woman, who resides with the host family for a period of two years. The au pair is considered as a part of the family. The au pair is provided with a private room and personal allowance. Her basic duties are childcare and household chores. The au pair should not be mistaken for a domestic helper; she is a part of the family and attends all social events with the host family.
Before actually choosing any of the above childcare option, the parents must do extensive research. However, the parents should not depend on childcare providers alone. Parents should give time to children especially in the children’s growing years.
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