Your First Brush with Cold Weather

lake with cold weather and sunshine

Nothing gets a person backpedaling faster than moving to a place where the weather isn’t what they’re used to. Especially in the case of those going from extreme heat to cold and vice versa. The horror of what they’ve done doesn’t really hit until that first brush with the change in temperature.

For you sunshine kids who are beginning to regret picking a college or job up north, don’t give up just yet. That first taste of cold means you’re ready to take your preparations seriously. These four areas are the perfect steps to get you ready so you can enjoy the cold weather.

Staying Warm Outside

Your biggest concern is likely how are you going to survive in the outdoors? Even if you’re stopping to fill up your gas, you’re going to want to layer your clothing. This will help to account for the varying temperatures of being outside and moving between different homes and shops.

The most important investment you can make is a warm waterproof coat. You never know what will happen with the weather, so it’s best to be prepared. Once that’s taken care of, find a warm hat and gloves (your pockets and hood just won’t be enough). Get a pair of comfortable, durable waterproof boots that you can happily wear every day.

Don’t forget thick sweaters to layer over t-shirts, and leggings and wool socks are great barriers for your lower extremities, too. You’ll be using this set all through the cold months. The upside to the colder weather? It gives you more fun options to stay fashionable.

Staying Warm Inside

Staying warm inside means making sure the heat doesn’t escape your home, so it’s always smart to check the insulation on your house or apartment. If it’s not great and you’re stuck there, the best you may be able to do this time around is collect blankets and sweatshirts to keep warm during the day and use as extra layers at night.

It can be tricky heating your home because you don’t want a high utility bill, but turning off your heat means warming up the whole house again. A smart method that many people use is to lower the heat during the day (it’s recommended that you go no lower than 50 degrees). This helps with your heating costs without risking frozen pipes.

If you’re also managing other buildings or storage, you want to keep a controlled temperature and dry facility, so investing in Dome Technology can help keep your food and equipment safe without rocketing utility costs.

Keeping Entertained

Cold weather is the perfect excuse to stick inside watching movies, reading books, playing board games, and cooking hot food; however, if you have several months of cold weather, this cycle of activities can get boring.

Keep up your enjoyment of the season by venturing out into the cold once in a while for corn mazes, festivals, and sledding. You don’t have to stay out long, but you’ll be surprised how much fun you can have all bundled up.

You’ll challenged to come up with new entertainment as well. Ideas include throwing a get together or making up your own games. One of the best weapons against boredom will be your friends and family. Spending time together is always unique and interesting.

Beating the Weather

There’s more to making it through the tough weather than dressing warm and staying tucked away inside. Because sometimes it’s a necessity to go out; school, groceries, work, and extracurricular activities don’t like to take a day off.

Get prepared for times you have to venture outside when it doesn’t look so great. Always have an umbrella and raincoat handy, and especially in winter, keeping a shovel near the door will help you avoid wading through a foot of snow to get to your car.

It’s smart to get your vehicle checked as the weather changes as well. Tire pressure will change with the temperature. So, it’s a good time to make sure your wiper blades are in good condition. If you live in an area inclined to frost and snow, a sturdy window scraper will become your new best friend.

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